Heart Break

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Emma and Regina stood in the brunette's kitchen, silence surrounding them

Henry silently watched his moms

His eyes widened when Regina kissed Emma

Emma kissed back with the same passion but suddenly she pushed Regina off and slapped her hard

"You- you bitch!" The blonde yelled "you'll never change will you?! You will always be the evil queen trying to destroy my happiness when you know I'm with hook! God you're a bitch!" Emma yelled and stormed out

"But I love you" Regina mumbled to herself as she slid down on the floor crying

Henry saw the entire thing but instead of comforting his mom he decided to pay his blonde mom a visit


Emma heard a knock on her and Killian's door

She opened it

"Oh hi Hen-"

"You" he spat "I HATE YOU!"

"What?" Emma said confused

"You broke mom's heart! She loves you Emma but you were fucking selfish! I had to see my mother break down because of YOU. You make me sick I don't want you in my life anymore. I love my mom. I'd rather be with her than be with someone who had me adopted, even if she was the evil queen and how could you call her that? She's CHANGED! You haven't and if you think for one moment I'd see you as a mother or that thing you're dating as a father, you are dead wrong. You broke my heart and now my mom's. I am done with you Emma" Henry spat

"Henry!" Emma yelled but it was no use he was already gone


When Henry entered the mansion he found Regina on the floor with cuts on her arm and an empty bottle next to her

He quickly picked it up reading the title 'sleeping potion'

He knew only a true love's kiss could break it and he knew Robin was dead and Regina couldn't be saved

He fell down next to his mother sobbing over her body

He held her close and cried he just cried


Should I leave this story here or give it a happy ending?

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