The Make Out

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"Come in!" I yell

My office door opens and Emma walks in

"Miss Swan" I greet her

"Regina" she says and puts papers down on my desk

She walks over to the door and close it

I instantly know what she wants and I walk to her

I pin her against the door our lips inches apart

"Were those even paperwork Swan?"

"No" she breathes

I chuckle and kiss her softly

Her hands tangle in my hair and she starts kissing me harder

I moan when I feel her tongue trace my lower lip and I welcome it in

Our tongues battle and she switches us around slamming me against the door she hungrily undoes the first three buttons of my top

She breaks the kiss and motions me to sit down

She quickly straddles me connecting our lips her hand finding its way into my shirt

We hear a loud thud coming from the door amd we break away panting

It was Mary Margret


Me and Emma carried the passed out Mary and sat her down in the chair

I glanced at Emma and bit my lip

"We are in so much trouble"

When Mary finally woke up Emma crouched down

"Mom? You okay?"

"It was so much tongue. Porn so much porn"

I glanced at Emma

We had officially scarred Mary

"So much moaning oh my god" she whispers

Just then David walks in and sees the state Mary is in

"Oh my god are you okay?" He glances at Emma and then me

He blushes and looks at my chest

I look down and immediately close my buttons

Emma bites her lip but I see a hint of smile on her lips

"Porn David so much porn"

He frowns

"What is she talking about?"

I nervously glance at Emma

"Seriously you're gonna make me tell him?" She groans and I nod

Emma rubs her temples

"Dad, mom walked in on me and Regina kissing"

"Kissing?" He whispers

"So much gay activity" Mary groans

I awkwardly walk to David

"What the hell?" He whispers

"Just play along" I mumble with an eyeroll

I awkwardly kiss David

Oh my god ew ew ew ew ew ew I'd much rather kiss Emma

I break the kiss and glance at Mary

"See.... no gay activity here whatsoever" I mumble scratching the back of my neck

She glances at me then David

"Let's go home Mary"

He helps her up and they leave

Emma starts laughing and I join in

"Now where were we?" I mumble and she smirks sitting down

I quickly straddle her my hands finding its way into her blonde mane

I connect our lips as her hands creep under my shirt


He grabs Mary's handbag and quickly leaves slamming the door behind him

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