Operation Swanqueen

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"I say we tie them together!" Ruby exclaims

Ruby, Dorothy, Snow, Charming, Belle, Rumpelstilskin , Henry and even Granny stood together to form a plan for SwanQueen to happen. Of course this was Henry's idea.

"Uhm anything else?" Henry said awkwardly

"Yeah uh why are we doing this?" 

Henry  sighed

"Grandpa, we all know My moms are each other's  happy endings"

"And you would know that how?"

"Because that's what mom told Emma! She  clearly stated her 'happy ending isn't with a man' and besides at least mom doesn't smell like rum all the time"

Everyone agreed to that statement of the one-handed wonder

"Guys, please, I just want them to be happy" Henry mumbled

"Why don't we trap them together so they can talk" Snow suggested

"Or we could tie them up? Duh"

"Ruby we're not tying them up! They'll escape too easily" Dorothy muttered

"Well can you at least tie me up babe" Ruby whispered and Belle cleared her throat

"That's kinky" she mumbled and Ruby raised an eyebrow

"Oh yeah? As if you and Rumpie don't do kinky stuff!"

Belle's face reddened

"We don-"

"GUYS! This is about SwanQueen, not your sex lives!" Everybody was surprised at Snow's comment

"Dare I ask what is this about?" 

All of them jumped at the brunette's voice

"Mom" Henry squealed in surprise 

Regina chuckled,  joining the circle

An awkward silence filled the room and she cleared her throat

"So another mission? What's this about?"

"Uhm Dearie nothing to concern you about"

"Okay what's going on?" Regina asked confused

"We're trying to get Hook out of the picture" Henry said in a serious face

Regina looked confused and she was silent for awhile 



"Okay I'm in" they all smiled at her, knowing the real  truth

"What? Emma deserves happiness and she's  clearly too good for him" Regina defended herself

"You think I'm too good for him?" Emma asked surprised and Regina turned to face The Dark One

"Emma I-I didn't mean it like that"

"Then what did  you mean?" Emma sassed and Regina growled

"God you're so stupid! You deserve better than him!"

"I don't"  Emma mumbled, surprised at Regina's outburst

"You do Emma" Snow mumbled

"I used to think I deserve a happy ending but I'm a villain now mom, and villains don't get happy endings"

"Yes they do. Emma, I used to be a villain and you know what? I found my happy ending. My happy ending is you and Henry"

 "I-I'm your happy ending?" Emma said surprised but she couldn't hide the million dollar smile blooming on her face at Regina's words

"yes Miss Swan, you are"

"Can you love me like this Gina?"

"I already do"

The room erupted in cheers and Henry smiled at his moms

"Operation SwanQueen is finished!" he exclaimed 


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