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There was a slight knock on the door to my office
"Come in" I say and Emma Swan walks in

"What do I owe the pleasure to?" I ask slightly smiling, happy to see the blonde

She just rolls her eyes but a faint smile plays on her lips
" Was here. Though'd I'd say hi" she replies with a shrug and I chuckle

" Well, Miss Swan it's certainly a good thing you're here... I can't seem to open the glue. It's stuck" I say sheepishly and she laughs, clutching her stomach. A faint pink blooms on my cheeks

"Will you help me or not?" I ask snappy and she stops laughing but the smile doesn't leave her face. She nods and I hand her the stupid glue.

"Hold on hold the bottle glue I'll turn it okay? " she asks and I nod

One of her soft hands rests on mine and the other gently tugs at the cap.

I watch her as she tugs at the glue, soft at first and then just a little harder.

"It's no use Regina, it's stuck" she says with a sigh and Iet out a sigh too
"Do you need it? " she asks and I nod

" How about this... I'll go buy you a new glue stick okay? " she says softly and I nod
" Thank you Emma"

She tugs at the bottle but it doesn't move and her eyes widen
"Fuck" she mutters
"What is it Swan? "
" We're stuck"

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