The Future

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Emma and the whole gang sat in Granny's playing a game of truth or dare

The whole time Regina thought it was absolute nonsense but after Emma's puppy dog eyes she gave in and played the stupid game

"Emma, truth or dare?" Snow asked her daughter

"Hmmm dare!" She exclaimed excitedly

"Okay I dare you to kiss Regina"

"What?" The blonde mumbled

"Are you crazy Snow?" Regina exclaimed

"No this is a dare and I'm afraid you have to do this Emma"

Emma gulped nervously as Regina looked into her eyes

"Come on Swan give it your best shot" Regina smirked

Emma leaned forward and quickly placed a kiss on Regina's soft lips

When they pulled away they weren't in the diner anymore but in a park

"Where the hell are we?" Regina asked her voice laced with fear

"I-I don't know" Emma mumbled glancing around

"Let's look around"

They began walking around the park when their eyes saw something strange

It was them sitting on a bench talking and kissing with the most in love looks ever

A blonde little girl ran up to them and Regina greeted her with a big smile

"You having fun princess?" She asked the little girl

"Yes momma can mommy please come play ball please?" The little girl whined glancing at Emma with hopeful eyes

"Sure babygirl" Emma grinned at her daughter before leaning forward, pecking Regina's lips

"I love you"

"I love you too"

Regina smiled as she watched her girls play

The other Regina and Emma glanced at the happy couple both not knowing what to say

"We look so happy" Emma blurts out

"We do" Regina mumbles as she looks at herself glancing at the two girls with so much love

They stood and watched themselves

After a little while Regina stood up and bought the girls each an ice cream

As she approached them she saw a little boy glancing up at Emma

"M-miss may I please play with?" He asked kicking his shoe shyly

"Sure kid"

The blonde saw Regina approach them and smiled widely

"Thanks baby" she mumbled pecking Regina's lips

Regina grinned widely and handed Emma and their daughter each an ice cream

She saw the little boy and instead of eating her own she gave it to him

He blushed madly and smiled at the brunette

"Thank y-you miss"

She smiled cutely at him

"Pleasure kiddo"

Just then a woman in a wheelchair rolled over to them with tears across her face

"Thank you" she mumbled

"What for?" Regina replied, interlacing her fingers with Emma's

"I've never been able to play ball with my son and today someone did" she mumbles

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