The Prisoner

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"We have a new prisoner"

I rolled my eyes at the text

"Great that's your job to catch criminals Miss Swan"

"No I'm scared"

I groan

"I'm on my way"


"Miss Swan" I greeted as I walked in

We walked to the prison cell and I was met with a pale girl

She just stared at me

"And you are?"

"Harley Quinn nice to meet ya" I smirk as a blush forms on her face

Harley stares at me as Emma tells me what she's done and I wink at her causing the woman to blush

"Madame Mayor?" Emma says annoyed "Please don't communicate with the criminal she could be dangerous"

I roll my eyes

"I can do what I want Miss Swan!" I snap

Harley bites her lip to stop a smile forming on it

"Release her"

"Excuse me?"

"I said release Harley now it's not a discussion Miss Swan"

Harley steps out and takes my hand kissing it

"Thank you"

I blush

"I have to go but you'll meet me for coffee at 7 tonight don't be late miss Quinn"

I walk out the last thing I hear is

"She will be my puddin"


I've not seen Suicide Squad but I've read many fics about Harley

I'm also super bored.

We also have protective Swan and jealous Swan yay

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