Still Into You

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Artist: Paramore

Song: Still Into You

Emma silently closed the door behind her  and walked straight to her dimly lit kitchen

She heard laughter and she leaned against the doorframe

She saw her son, her 5 year old Elsa and her wife. 

It caused her heart to swell with love

Henry slid two slices of Lasagne on his plate and was going for a third one when Regina smacked his hand

"Save some for your mother" she said playfully and  Elsa giggled

Emma's heart fluttered when  she saw her wife smile at their kids

The blonde cleared her throat and Elsa looked up

"Mommy!" she yelled excitedly and ran to Emma, her blonde curls bouncing        

Emma picked her up and spun her around

"Hey my little princess" she mumbled sitting Elsa back down

She placed a kiss on Henry's cheek and he grinned at her

"Hey mom"

"Hey my prince" he blushed slightly at the comment and the blonde turned to face her wife

When their eyes met butterflies filled Emma's stomach as it usually does when she sees her wife

"And my queen" Emma mumbled placing a soft sensual kiss on Regina's lips and the brunette smiled tangling their fingers together

Aww's filled the room and both women blushed slightly

"I love you Emma"

"I love you too Gina"

Regina placed another kiss on Emma's lips and wondered after all this time how she was still into her 

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