Tattoo Artist

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To say Regina was scared was an understatement

She was terrified

She always knew wanted tattoos but never thought she'd actually get a tattoo, but here she sat in the tattoo parlour waiting to be helped

"Can I help you?" A woman asked the brunette

She was covered with piercings and tattoos and it made Regina shiver

"Yes may I get a tattoo please?" She asked nervously already knowing the dark haired woman would say yes

"Sure just head to the back over there Emma will help you"

Regina nodded and went to the back of the room

"Uhm hi are you Emma?"

The woman turned around and Regina felt her heart beat faster at the sight of the woman

The blonde was, unlike the dark haired woman in the front, also covered in piercings and tattoos but it was small and it fit her perfectly

The woman smiled at Regina and she gulped

"Yes I am. How can I help you?"

Here it goes

"I want a tattoo" the brunette blurted out and the blonde smiled warmly at her

"Sure I can help."

Regina nodded

She was excited, nervous and scared all at the same time

The blonde touched her shoulder making her jump

She giggled

"Where do you want it?"

"My collarbone please"

The blonde nodded

"What do you want tattooed?"

Regina could see the blonde was very passionate about her work

"Live fast. Die young. Be wild. Have fun." The brunette mumbled

Emma grinned

"You like Lana?" The brunette nodded

"Okay honey I'm quickly going to design the tattoo you just lie down yeah?"

"Yeah" Regina mumbled and lied down on the tattoo bed

It was comfortable as hell and she closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down as she waited for the blonde to get back

The next thing she knew she was shaken

"W-what?" She mumbled out and Emma's face hovered above hers

"You fell asleep"

A blush formed on Regina's cheeks and it deepend when Emma grinned at her

"Don't worry I nap on the beds too it's comfy" Regina smiled back at the blonde

"I'm really sorry"

"Hey it's okay" The blonde mumbled, stroking Regina's arm

Regina blushed a bit at the touch of the blonde

"So where's my tattoo?" Regina said quickly changing the subject

Emma smiled

"I already lied out the form on your collarbone and such so we'll just start"

Regina nodded and sat up seeing herself without a top

She frowned

"Yeah I had to take it off" Emma blushed quickly muttering an apology

"It's okay I understand" Regina mumbled cheeks red

"So can we start?" Emma mumbled and the brunette quickly noddded


She heard the faint buzz of the tattoo machine and her body went cold

She was scared. Scared of the pain and what people would say about her tattoo

"Hey I know you're nervous about this but it's going to be okay"

Regina nodded

"I remember when I got my first ink. The girl in front? She did my first ink" Emma pointed to her little heart tattoo on her pinky and then to the cross on the other pinky

"I was ice cold and shaking when I first heard the machine going on and when she brought it closer to my finger I almost passed out but I made it and after that and all these tattoos those are the ones close to my heart because it was my first"

She chuckled

"I got it when I was 16 and still in school. People had their own opinions about it some said it was beautiful and others thought I was fucking evil but yeah I didn't give a shit and now they're the ones asking me to tattoo them. It was shit but I got through it and I love my tattoos and I'm so proud of them"

"Okay I'm ready" Regina mumbled

Emma started the machine and the sound sent goosebumps all over the brunette's skin

When the needle touched her skin she knew she was already addicted to the pain.

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