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I got up at 5am to prepare for Emma's birthday

I was so excited for my wife's birthday

I kissed her cheek and grabbed my coat rushing out


Just as I thought when I got home she was still sleeping causing me to chuckle

Her hand searched for my body and she immediately sat up rubbing her eyes

"Gina?" She mumbled and my heart swelled with love

"I'm here babygirl" I whispered and she looked at me with half closed eyes

When she saw the contents in my hands her eyes snapped open fully and she tackled me into a hug

"Thankyouthankyou baby" she kissed me all over my face and I giggled as she took the Subway and her coffee

"Eat your breakfast baby and when you're finished come down okay?"

She nodded as she took a bite of Subway and I kissed her forehead


"REGINA GET BACK!" She yelled as she entered the livingroom and saw the fox in front of me

I laughed

"This is not funny!" She snapped as the fox eyed her

"Dear stop being mean to our child"

Her eyes widened

"Our c-child? He's ours?"

I nodded

"We've always wanted a fox so I thought I'd surprise you. Happy birthday babe" I mumble

She steps around the fox and pulls me into a tight hug

"Thank you Gina" she whispers into my ear

She kisses me softly

It quickly gets heated as her tongue enters my mouth

We hear a whine and we break away

The fox stares at us and we giggle

"Best birthday ever" She breathes



Jade, I love you with all my heart

Enjoy your birthday baby

This is dedicated to my woman who loves Subway and coffee and well we've always wanted a fox sooo yeah


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