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Emma was nervous as she slipped on her pure white wedding dress. She sighed as Snow snapped yet another picture of her.

"Mom, stop it!" the blonde mumbled, smiling and blushing. Snow sighed
"It's not everyday you see your babygirl getting married" Emma's smile faltered a bit
"Honey?" Snow said softly and Emma sighed
"What if she doesn't show up?" the blonde mumbled on the verge of tears.

Snow took her daughter into her arms and hugged her tightly
" She loves you too much not to show"  Snow mumbled. Emma sniffed an 'okay' and she finished getting ready.


The blonde's nerves were getting the besr of her and as 'Greensleeves' by Enya filled the room, she knew she had to walk down the isle.

She took her bouquet of white roses and started walking.

When she entered the church and saw Regina in front of the alter with a beautiful dress on, her feet started moving faster, until she stood next to her soon-to-be-wife.

Regina smiled at the blonde and her worries disappeared as she gazed into Regina's eyes.
"I love you Regina" she whispered only for the brunette to hear.

The wedding continued without fuss.

"Do you, Emma Swan, take Regina as your lawfully wedded wife?"
" Hell yes!" the blonde exclaimed and everyone chuckled
" I mean I do" Regina smiled
"Do you, Regina Mills, take Emma Swan as your lawfully wedded wife? "
"I do" Emma grinned at the brunette
"Whew! At least you said yes!" Regina giggled as they exchanged rings.

"Regina, I love you" Emma mumbled
" I love you too, my wife" Regina mumbled and pulled Emma closer, kissing her softly.
" Forever" she mumbled resting her forehead against Emma's
"I pronounce to you Misses and Misses Swan-Mills" the room erupted in cheers as the newly wedded couple kissed again.

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