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I heard moaning come from inside the house and I climb the stairs to my room

I open the door and see my wife on our bed in all her naked glory teasing her glistening wet pussy her eyes shut and her mouth open

I bite my lip to keep from moaning at the sexy sight

"Emma Marie Swan Mills" I mutter and her eyes flutter open

"R-Regina you're home early"

I walk to her

"Take your hand away from your pussy"

"But Gina-"

"Take it away" I growl and her hands fall to her sides

"You've been a bad bad kitten touching yourself without my permission"

"But Gina I-"

"What did I say about formalities in the bedroom kitten?"

She lets out a moan

"Mistress please I need to cum"

"And cum you will when I say so"

She lets out a frustrated groan and I chuckle

"Come now kitten don't get angry"

"Yes mistress"

"Kitten you will do as I say"

She nods

"Speak kitten!" I growl

"Yes mistress"

"You will touch yourself for me kitten"

"Trail a hand over your chest"

She follows my command and goosebumps rises on her skin

"Cup your breast"

She takes it in her hand and moans

"Massage it"

"Softer" I command

"Tease your nipple" she gently teases it and it hardens at her touch

How badly I want to suck those nipples but she was a bad kitten and needs to get punished

A breathy moan escapes her lips

"Give attention to your other breast too"

"Yes mistress"

I moan at the sight of my wife

"Trail a hand down to your pussy"

She moans when her hand makes contact with her heat

"Tell me how wet you are"

She lets out another moan

"I'm dripping wet mistress it's all over my fingers" she says breathlessly

I groan

"Massage your clit"

Her head falls back on the pillow and she moans softly

"Tease your entrance"

Her fingers teasingly dances across her entrance occasionally dipping in

"Please mistress"

"Enter a finger kitten"

A finger slides between her folds and I can hear her wetness

"Another one"

She starts fucking herself harder and I groan

"Mistress may I cum please?"

"No" I growl "you were a bad kitten"

She groans in frustration

"Mistress PLEASE I can't hold it in"

"Were you a bad kitten?"


"Will you do it ever again?"

"NO mistress"

I smile

"Then cum, cum all over your fingers"

She lets out a scream of ecstacy and cums

"That's my good kitten" I mumble as she shakes from her orgasm

"Taste yourself"

She takes her wet fingers and sucks them into her mouth moaning at the taste

"That's my good kitten"

"Thank you for letting me cum mistress"


Smut not good smut but smut yaay *cringes at the awul smut*

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