Lana Del Rey Concert

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Regina and Emma had been best friends for four years now and Emma was so in love with Regina

"Gina?" Emma mumbled glancing at her best friend


"I have a surprise for you"

Emma held out the envelope and the brunette gave her a strange look

"Go on, open it up"

Regina carefully tore the envelope open and gasped when she saw what was inside

Her eyes welled up with tears and she tackled Emma into a hug

"Thank you Emma"

The blonde knew these tickets meant the world to Regina

Before the brunette met her she was ready to commit suicide but she found Lana's music and it saved her life and when Emma came along she shared the news with the blonde and she smiled, glad that Regina was still alive

"It's a pleasure Gina" Emma giggled at her friend's reaction and Regina squealed

"I'm seeing Lana live IN FIVE DAYS AHHH"

Emma covered her ears at the loud squeal and laughed


Regina sang along with the most genuine smile Emma's ever seen on her face

In that moment the blonde knew she wanted to be the only one allowed to make her Gina smile like that

Emma wrapped an arm around Regina's waist and the brunette leaned into her warmth, another smile spreading over her face

"You're beautiful Gina" Emma mumbled into her ear and the brunette shivered

Regina's favourite song 'Blue Jeans' filled both girls' ears and Emma smiled thinking of a plan

She was going to make Gina hers

"I will love you till the end of time

I would wait a million years"

Emma sang the lyrics softly into Regina's ear

Regina stared at Emma in shock
before the brunette yanked her closer, slamming her lips into the blonde's

"I will love you till the end of time"

Regina mumbled out when they pulled away

Emma smiled pecking Regina's lips

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