Dear Diary

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18 August '16

Dear diary,

I saw her again, well not really but in my dreams last night and when I woke up, I cried again

That's all I've been doing lately crying and sleeping, sleeping and crying.

She used to be my everything and she still is

I miss her and I don't even know if she misses me I mean did she really care?

She said she loved me then why did she fucking leave when I needed her?

She came into my life and she fixed me only to break me again

Since she left I've died not physically but mentally my soul aches for her and my broken heart beats but it hurts oh it fucking hurts choking on my own tears, tasting the saltiness of them

But I still treat her like gold, like a fucking princess because I'd rather suffer than see her in pain

I'm stupid, I'm an idiot;

She fucked me up but I still love her.

I feel dead inside. On the outside to the outside world I seem okay but no one knows how I feel inside no one knows the hurt I feel just by breathing ever since she left

I miss her, I miss her so much, the talks, the laughs, the happy tears, the sad ones, the smiles, the hugs, the kisses, those random late night talks;


She used to be the one that made me smile but now I only know how to cry

But I can't even cry cause I have to pretend to be okay

For her.

But I'm not and the truth is I will never be again.

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