The Tove Lo Obsession

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ReginaMills: Lovers into friends...

EmmaSwan: ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME??????????!!!!

ReginaMills: You're outta your you're outta your mind

EmmaSwan: What's wrong with you?

ReginaMills: I'm up with the kites

EmmaSwan: Are you high?

ReginaMills: I gotta stay high all the time

EmmaSwan: This isn't funny Gina! Are you drunk?

ReginaMills: I can get a little drunk I get into all the don'ts but on good days I'm charming as fuck...

EmmaSwan: Seriously?

ReginaMills: I'm a cool girl I'ma I'ma cool girl

EmmaSwan: Alright I'm going to leave

EmmaSwan is now offline

ReginaMills: You're gone and I gotta stay high all the time to forget I'm missing you...


*Out Of Mind
*Not On Drugs
*Habits (Stay high)
*Cool Girl


Tove Lo

Okay so second update in one day yay

I don't want y'all to hate me cause I probably won't update during the weekend... :(

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