No Idea

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She has no idea the effect she can have - Peeta Mellark

I watched the blonde carefully as The Evil Queen approached her with a look of anger on her face

"You!" She spat out in anger "You're the reason she's weak" my darker version spat at Emma and the I stepped closer

"I'm the reason why I'm weak we both know it"

The queen laughed in disgust and I cringed seeing myself in her dead brown pools

"You trusted your heart"

"No I didn't!" I growl "I changed. I am not like you anymore"

"You will always be dark Regina"

"She won't" Emma spat

The Queen laughed again and shook her head

"She's the reason why Regina. She brought back your light and she brought back your heart. She has no idea the effect she can have"

"What?" I mumble

"Regina I was inside you for so long I know the effect she has on both of us and I hate it"

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