She's My Human

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Years ago the war between human and vampire broke out. It ended in blood, chaos and dead pale bodies of vampires on top of one another.

I'm Regina Mills, a vampire. I've been hiding in an abandoned building all my life after the war.

Not one human has ever found me but I do see the papers every now and then and I'm reminded of all my brothers and sisters who were murdered by humans.

They say they killed all vampires and that we were extinct but here I am; still alive.

I guess you could say I'm the only vampire left of my clan, well, and in the world.

I've grown used to the smell of human blood and I don't crave it anymore. I hunt animals to survive and once a week, late at night, I go to the local pond to hunt birds and fill up my water bottles


I sit against the wall my breath hitching as I hear light footsteps

I see a shadow and lean further against the wall and I catch a glimpse of the woman

The first thing I notice is her wavy blonde hair and outstanding red jacket

I hear different footsteps and I gulp

"See anything?" I hear a masculine voice

"No" the woman replies and I qiuckly glance to see the man wandering away

I breathe a sigh of relief

I feel a presence in the room and I gulp

"Who are you?" The voice asks and I feel a bit better hearing the voice of the woman

I shrink back against the wall and I stare around wide eyed

Fear fills my veins as she approaches me

I shrink against the wall

"Hey no no it's fine I'm not going to hurt you" she shines her flashlight at me and climbs through an open hole in the bended gate

"Fuck" I hear her hiss and I gasp when I see her

She's the most beautiful human I've ever seen

I take all of her in and that's when I see her arm bleeding

Sure, I'm used to blood but it has never smelled so sweet

I gulp hard as I feel my eyes changing. I shut them and I release a breath as I feel the woman next to me

I yank her bleeding arm to me and give the cut one long lick, sealing the wound

She gasps in shock

"You healed me."

Her voice was beautiful but I was scared. She's a human and humans are supposed to kill us, right?

I nod at her statement

I guess she saw I was uneasy because she gently placed her hand on mine and I felt safe

"It's okay. I won't hurt you"

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