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Regina was in love with the blonde and she knew it.

She couldn't take the men offering Emma a hot drink nor  the fact that they flirted with her girl.

After the fourth guy was turned down the brunette saw Hook walking to Emma

She felt a pang in her chest when she saw them together

"Morning love here's your coffee" She heard Hook's voice

"Oh, thanks" Emma mumbled awkwardly

"Idiot" Regina mumbled under her breath 

He didn't even know that Emma preferred hot coco to coffee

It was the final straw for the brunette

She called Ruby over and ordered Emma a hot coco with extra cinnamon 

When Ruby brought the cup, the brunette stood up and walked to Emma's table

"Morning miss Swan, Hook"

"Regina" the blonde's features flooded with relief

"I got you your favourite" Regina handed the cup to Emma and Emma gladly took it, smiling at the Mayor

"Thanks Gina"

"Anytime. How are you doing Emma?"

"Excuse me but we're on a date here" Hook muttered and Regina glared at him

Regina crossed her arms

"N-no we're not" Emma mumbled

"Of course we are, love, don't hide it from her" he said bitterly

"Hook you heard what she said now take your coffee and please leave"

"Or what? Emma doesn't belong to you"

Regina felt her blood boiling 

"She doesn't belong to you either!" 

Emma and Hook stared at Regina, mouths hanging open

"You should probably go" Emma mumbled and Hook nodded before standing up and leaving

"Thanks for the coffee by the way"

When he was out of sight  Emma glared at the brunette but a smile played on her lips

"Was that necessary?" Emma mumbled

Regina didn't answer instead she leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Emma's lips

  When she pulled away she was smiling at Emma's flushed face

"You're mine Miss Swan and I don't share"

Emma's stomach filled with butterflies at Regina's words

Instead of saying something, she grabbed Regina's neck and pulled her down for another kiss


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