When Emma is high...

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"Emma for God's sake stop running! You're gonna hurt yourself! " I exclaim trying to grab Emma who was currently running and sliding on the floor like a rockstar.

Emma was high on pain meds and the side effects was amusing. She was singing a song and playing airguitar while she did a headbang and as her finale she slid on the floor.

I suppressed my laughter and glared at the blonde, making dinosaur noises.
"Are you five? " I ask raising my eyebrows at her
"Nooo but I'm a dinobabe. Rawr"
"Emma what the hell is a dinobabe?" I ask giggling
"It's a lesbian dinosaur specie named 'Lickalotapuss' she said with a grin and I blushed a bit, clearing my throat
"A lesbian dinosaur? "
"Yes Gina. I could always show you. " she had an alluring smile on her lips and I cleared my throat
"It's quite alright dear"

Emma shrugged, poking my nose before running off to see who opened the front door .

"WHAT A FINE YOUNG MAN! " Emma exclaimed with a posh accent and I groaned following her voice to see a horrified looking Henry.

I cleared my throat and greeted Henry. He made a what-the-hell gesture but I shrugged it off

"Emma, dear, will you be staying for dinner? "
"If you're for dinner then yes, gladly. " Me and Henry's jaws dropped to the ground

I couldn't form words. I was in awe that Emma basically told me twice she wants to sleep with me

Emma cupped my chin before gently closing my mouth

"Close your mouth Regina" she whispered eyeing my lips

Suddenly she stepped a few steps away, frowning and glancing at me

"I don't feel well I'm going to go lie down" she mumbled walking away.

A few hours later


Everything felt like a blur when I woke up and I had a massive headache.

I left the room and went to the kitchen to find myself some Asprin.

A few seconds later I heard the clicking of the brunette's heels and smiled

Of course she'd be checking up on me.

" Emma are you alright? " she asked gently touching my shoulder

I turned to her and smiled

"I'm fine thank you Gina" she nodded but I could still see the worry in her eyes

"You know" she said after a while "you're quite amusing when you're high" she chuckled and I raised my brow at her

"Oh why is that?"
" Well for starters you thought you were a rockstar and you headbanged so hard it's a miracle your head is still attached to your body and then you called yourself a lesbian dinosaur and Henry 'a fine young man'" I fliched as she giggled

"Uhh" was all I managed to say before Henry joined into the fun of mocking me

"Oh and you almost raped my mother" he said casually and my eyes widend

"I- what?"

" You offered to sleep with me twice" Regina mumbled and my cheeks instantly turned to tomatoes

"Regina I'm so so sorry I would never take-"
"Emma it's fine I didn't mind" she shyly mumbles
"You didn't? " I ask surprised and she shakes her head no
" No and it was quite amusing seeing you like that " she grinned and I groaned playfully at her

"We never speak of this again. Agreed? "
" Agreed" she smiled mischievously

"Emma?" she said after a while, softly
" Were you serious? I mean about the whole sleeping with me thing? " she said shyly and a blush rose to my cheeks
"Yes" I reply and she smiles
" Good" she pecked my lips

" Why?" I ask
"I had to make sure" she says with a cute frown and I smiled
"You never have to doubt my feelings for you" I whisper and she smiles

" Finally! You both said you like each other! Finally" Henry exclaimed making both me and Regina jump

We giggled and Regina wrapped her arm around me.

"Hmm being high has its effects" she whispered loving into my ear and I grinned
"Darn good ones too" I whisper back and Henry chuckled

" Emma you should be high more" he said with a giggle and I rolled my eyes at the kid and then at Regina who giggled with him.

"Drugs" I mutter to myself before chuckling with them.

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