The Hoodie

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Emma sat patiently in her office sipping on coffee and pulling herself under her blanket

She was so cold and she wanted to go home and cuddle with Regina who was her... well she didn't know what to call her

They acted like a couple around each other

They always cuddled, always held hands and even slept in each other's arms

But they've never kissed or anything and Emma was starting to fall for that sassy brunette

Emma's phone buzzed, startling her

A new message from Regina flashed

Instantly a smile formed on the blonde's face

'Emma come home I need cuddles'

The blonde laughed in delight

'You know I can't honey' she quickly typed back

'Please beg David :( it's cold and I need my Emma'

Emma's heart fluttered at the words

'I'll try'


The blonde did ask David and even begged on her knees. He couldn't resist the puppy face she threw into the mix and basically pushed her out of the office

Emma was currently sneaking into their apartment and she saw the brunette sipping on a glass of water wearing her favourite hoodie

She quickly wrapped her arms around the brunette and whispered into her ear

"Hmm you like wearing my clothes huh?"

The brunette almost screamed

"Bitch!" She yelled slapping Emma's arm

Emma pouted and glared at the brunette

"If that's how you want to be I'm going back to work" the blonde exclaimed dramatically

"NO!" Regina yelled hugging Emma tight

The blonde giggled

"Can I have my hoodie back?"

"Let me see... No"

"What why?"

"Because it's mine now"

"Regina stealing is wrong"

"I know"

"You can't just steal my hoodie"

"Well you can't just steal my heart and you did that so"

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