You and her

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You used to watch her from afar; you being the girl she'd never want and she, being the perfect girl you'd want.

There were times you wished she'd just notice you and try to talk to you and times when you wished she'd never exist and you wouldn't have these feelings.

She stood up for you once against a douchebag and you died inside. You never thought she'd talk to you, the girl, the normal girl, but you found yourself stuttering while she talked and when she let out a laugh, your heart fluttered.

After that magical moment she spoke to you everything changed. She smiled at you, she waved at you and made small talk to you, and you were in heaven. This was all too good to be true.

Until a few weeks after she stood up for you she grabbed your hand and pulled you in for a kiss.

Your heart exploded in your chest; your body felt alive and your lips were on fire against hers and when she pulled away and gave you a look that made you weak in the knees, you knew that you were in love.

After the kiss you were on top of the world and you couldn't stop thinking about her until she told you her feelings

You were shocked, the perfect girl wanted you and you wanted her; your fairytale finally came true.

Dating her in public was hard. The looks, the mutters, made you shield behind her until everyone came over it and moved on.

You were extremely happy when she took your hand in public for the first time and she showed the world you were hers.

As the years went by you experienced things with her you never thought of in your wildest dreams.

She was your first kiss, she was your first relationship and when she made love to you and told you those three words you knew there was no going back.

The best experience with her was when she proposed. You were really happy and of course you said yes and she kissed you for a long time softly making you melt in her embrace

When you met her you never thought you'd see the day you'd marry her let alone kiss her but your wishes came true.

She was yours and you were hers. Nothing could change that and as you stare at her sleeping form next to you you realize your most favourite thing about her is that you love her.

And you know she loves you too.

The end.

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