Out of mind

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I inhale the sweet scent of smoke, puffing out a dark cloud of smoke and inhaling again.

I watch the crowd intensively, every move they make I get inspired yet again.

The greatest stories ever told are about our lives dashing and dividing into a million stars shining, even in the darkness.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Gina Mills" I stand up and walk towards the stage killing my cigarette bud, I get on stage.

"Good evening I'm Gina Mills and I will be performing 'Born to Die'" they all cheer and I smile starting to sing
'Feet don't fail me now'
'Take me to the finish line'
'Oh my heart it breaks'
'With every step that I take'

I continue singing the song in front of people who are drunk and wanting to know the truth.

Because we all want to know the truth, ain't that right?

I know I do, even when I lie to myself.

I lie about my identity to keep everyone happy, including myself.

Not many people would like a 17 year old with no home or family to return to.

Heck no.

They would rather know a 24 year old, singing in a bar, and looking for love.

So I lie.

It's easier to lie.

My eyes scan the crowd again landing on a young girl who looks my age;

My real age.

She gives me a small smile before turning away, lighting a cigarette.

"Wonder what's her story" I mumble to myself as I walk back to my table, throwing one last glance at her.

I sit down and can't help but glance at her again when a guy approaches her table with a drink in hand.

She politely turns him down, shaking her head when he gets touchy with her.

Can't a guy understand no?

My feet take me toward her table.

"Do you want to dance?" I ask holding out my hand towards her, wanting her to feel safe.

She nods taking my hand and I lead her away from the flabbergast man.

"Thank you " she mumbles and I nod
" You're Gina right? " she asks and again I nod, not trusting my mouth to speak to this beauty
"Is it short for anything? " she asks
"Regina" I blurt out, instantly regretting it.

She is the first person I've ever told my real name.

She extends her hand and I shake it; she gives me a smile.
" I'm Emma " she says
"You are- I mean, have a beautiful name" I stutter and she smiles at me.
" Thank you, you have a beautiful voice Gina" she says and I blush
" Thank you " I mumble
"Let's step outside, I wanna smoke" Emma says and I follow her, her hand landing on the small of my back, barely touching.

We make our way through the crowd of people, finally stepping outside.
"Thank God" Emma lets out a laugh and I chuckle

" I have a question Gina" Emma says
"Yeah? " I whisper

"Did you write the song by yourself?"
" Yes " I mumble and she flashes me a smile, whispering into my ear
"I think it was beautiful" she pulls away as if nothing happend and she lights herself another cigarette.

She looks so bad, leaning against the wall, her eyes closed and a cigarette between her delicate fingers.

"You're really cool." I blurt out by accident and jer eyes snap open, meeting mine.

Her mouth twitches, forming a smile before she lets out a laugh
"Thank you Gina "

She throws her cigarette onto the ground, steps on it and flashes me a smile
"I'll see you around Gina" she says slowly walking away
"Bye!" I yell after her

She dissappears out of sight, but not out of my mind.

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