The Hunger Games

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It made Emma Swan sick.

Every year Emma has feared this day

The day of the reaping

The day she or her brother can get chosen to participate in The Hunger Games or as she'd like to call it, The Killing Games

"Come here Neal" she beckoned him closer and straightened his shirt

"I'm scared" he whispered looking into her green eyes and she pulled him into a hug

"I won't let anything happen to you" she whispered

"You promise?"

"I promise" Emma kissed his forehead and grabbed her favourite red leather jacket

"I'm going hunting I'll be back soon"  he nodded and watched his sister leave


'The woods are rather quiet today'  Emma thought to herself, strolling through the it

Grabbing her bow and arrow she walked around searching for something to shoot when her favourite brunette jumped in front of her

"Regina!" Emma squealed in surprise and the brunette chuckled   

"Hi" Regina mumbled and Emma pulled her into a hug                                                           

"Hi" the blonde mumbled when they broke their hug

Regina smiled at her and suddenly Emma smacked her arm

"Ow! What was that for?" she yelped, rubbing her arm and shooting the blonde a death glare

"For scaring me" Emma smiled and the brunette laughed

"We should get going" the brunette mumbled and Emma followed her back through the ence to district 12


Peacekeepers filled the area and  Emma dragged Regina with her to their district square 

Emma found her small family and stood with them  as Effie Trinket walked onto the platform in a purple dress that matched her hair

Regina snickered and Emma couldn't help but smile

"Settle down, settle down! Time to choose our victors as usual, ladies first"

Effie pulled out a small envelope from a bawl  and opened it

"Zelena Mills"

Emma glanced at Regina in worry and the brunette's eyes were full of tears and fear for her sister

"I volunteer!" the blonde yells

"What was that?" Effie asked confused 

"I volunteer as tribute" she walked to the platform, meeting Effie's strangely nice eyes

"Well such a brave soul deserves an applause" nobody clapped hands but raised three fingers of their left hand to their lips and at the sky in admiration 

"Now for the boys"

Effie walked to another big  bawl and grabbed the envelope

"Neal Cassidy"

"No!" Emma yelled in tears

"I volunteer as tribute" the blonde looked up into Regina's eyes

"No Gina" she whispers as  the brunette walks to the platform and takes her place next to Emma

"Why did you do that?" Emma hissed under her breath and Regina turned to her, cupping her cheek

"I love you. And if you die, I die"

She softly kissed the blonde with love


Both women knew they would die in those games but it was worth it.

Dying with the one you love


I don't know what I just did 

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