Heart Break Part 2: The Happy Ending

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Two weeks had passed and Emma fell more and more into depression everyday

She heard what happened to Regina but Henry did forbid the blonde to see Regina

Snow told Emma everyday the same thing:

'She hasn't woke up'

And everyday Emma cried hoping for a miracle

This was all her fault and she knew it. She wished to go back and stop Regina, tell her how he really felt

She thought she loved Killian but she was dead wrong

When she heard about Regina her whole world crashed and fell apart and it was only then that she realized her feelings

She was so absorbed in her own world that she hadn't heard her phone ring

She jumped and grabbed it quickly when she saw her mother's name

"Yes?" She whispered

"The funeral is on Friday." Snow whispered

Emma threw the phone against the wall, shattering it and she let out a ear piercing scream followed by a river of tears


When Friday came around Emma decided to ignore Henry's threats and go to Regina's funeral, no matter what

She had to say goodbye too

Currently everyone came into the church

Emma hadn't seen Henry as he was talking to the guests so she decided to head to Regina

The coven was open and Emma looked in seeing Regina's peaceful form

She started sobbing burying her face in Regina's chest

"I'm sorry I'm so sorry" she choked out

"I love you Gina I'm so sorry" Emma whispered

She softly leaned in and placed a kiss on Regina's lips

She sobbed harder when she felt the lifeless body

"Emma" the voice said in a raspy whisper

"Emma please don't cry"

Emma's head snapped up at the all too familiar voice

Regina smiled weakly at the blonde

"You saved me Emma"

"I will always save you I love you Regina"

Emma didn't waste any time and smashed her lips against Regina's

"I love you Regina I love you I'm sorry" she whispered over and over again

"Shh it's okay Em I love you too"

Just then Emma heard footsteps

"Get away from my mother!" Henry spat at Emma

"Is that Henry?" Regina's voice came out above a whisper and Emma nodded

She tried to sit up and Emma helped her

"I said get away from- MOM?" He said in disbelief as his eyes landed on his brunette mother

He hugged her sobbing happily

"But I don't understand. The potion could only be broken by true love's kiss" he mumbled

Regina glanced at Emma shyly

"You broke it?" He asked the blonde in disbelief

It was also the most friendly words he has said to Emma in a while

"Yes I did" Emma said

He was quiet for a moment before he burst into tears, hugging Emma

"I'm sorry about what I said mom I'm so so so sorry mom I know you'll never be able to forg-"

"I already forgave you Henry and that little talk you had with me just made me realize how much I fucked up. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be here today"

They hugged crying softly

"I hate to break up this cute moment but I'm thirsty and hungry you know I've been out of it for quite a while" Regina said with a blush

Regina tried to climb out of the coven but Emma quickly swooped her up, putting her down on her feet

The blonde snaked an arm around the brunette's waist and pulled her closer

"Soo Granny's?" Regina asked

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