Dark Swan = Whipped

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I haven't seen Emma since she became The Dark One and it saddened me a lot

Hook doesn't believe that she still has good inside of her but I know her, and I know she's still the same Emma just now with kickass black clothes and darkness inside of her

I used to have darkness inside me too and I know what Emma feels and she needs all the support she can get especially from her boyfriend who happens to see nothing good in anything

I mentally roll my eyes at the thought of the pirate. Emma can do much better.

A cloud of smoke suddenly appears and seconds later Emma stands next to me, a red rose in her hand

"Emma" I say surprised

"Hi" she mumbles

I could tell she was tense

She handed me the rose

"Here" she muttered

A blush forms on my cheeks

"Thank you"

She nods

"How are you?" She sighs


"Emma, you can't lie to me how are you really?"

She looks down

"Holding up"

"What's wrong?"

She looks at me, her green eyes filling with tears

"I'm scared" she whispers

I lean forward to hug her but she steps back

"Regina you'll get hurt"

I look at her and shake my head

"I trust you Emma"

I wrap her in my arms and feel her tense

She relaxes a few seconds later and hugs me back, barely touching me

"Thank you Gina" she whispers into my ear


Hi there pretties. Quick shot for ya by the way I'll try and update ASAP cause I'm busy with my Cara Delevingne imagines :)

I'm also very sad cause PLL is ending after season 7 :'( </3


Emily and Ali deserve happiness! + they're cute together

Okay okay all done

Viva la SwanQueen

Viva la Emison!

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