Protecting Her

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Me and Emma were friends ever since I could remember 

She used to live next to me and one day she was just gone

But she stayed in contact with me and she told me about her new foster home and how awful they treated her

She was still in town and I asked her to meet me at our local Cafe

When I got there I was stunned at how tired and dead she looked 

This wasn't the Emma Swan I knew

"Hey Em" I whispered 

"Hey Gina"

Even her voice had changed. She sounded dead

This girl in front of me was dead.

I laid my hand on hers and shivered when I felt the coldness of it

"Em" I whispered on the verge of tears

I hated seeing her like this


After a week of seeing her I asked her to text me her address 

She of course replied immediately 

I decided to head to her house and find out exactly why she's so dead


When I approached the house I heard screams

"Please stop!" 

It was my Emma's screams

I ran into the house and saw a pixie haired woman hit Emma

The side of Emma's head was bleeding and the woman just kept hitting Em

"Please stop!" Emma screamed

I don't know what came over me but I yanked the bitch off Emma and gave her a bitch slap

"YOU BITCH I WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU!" I screamed as I threw the woman to the ground

I got on top of her and hit her repeatingly

  I suddenly found arms around me as Emma pulled me off the woman

"Gina it's okay I'm okay" I gently stroked her cheek 

I pulled her into my chest as she cried 

"Emma get away from that girl" the pixie haired woman spat

I suddenly kissed Emma just to piss of the woman

I broke the kiss and pulled Emma up

"Come Em"


I took Emma to my home and my mom was by my side immediately

"Oh honey what happened?"

"I'll tell you later mom"

I pulled Emma to my room and sat her down on my bed 

She flinched as I wiped a cloth over the blood on her face

"Thank you Gina"  she whispered

I stayed quiet and kept on cleaning her wounds

"She hit you" she mumbled cupping my cheek and observing my black eye

"It's worth it" I whisper

She was quiet for a while and then she softly smiled

"What?" I ask 

"You kissed me" She whispers and I blush

"Yeah" I mumble


I left the room when I was sure Emma was asleep

"Honey what happened?"

"It was her foster mom" I mumbled at my mom

"Oh baby" my mom mumbled pulling me into a hug

"I had to protect her mom I love her"

"Shh baby I know I know"

We stayed quiet for a while

"I'm going to adopt her" my mom whispered

My head snapped up from my mom's chest 


"I'm signing the papers tomorrow I'm not letting Em go through this anymore I love her too" 

I cried softly and hugged my mom tight


The next morning when I entered the room Emma was already dressed

"Sit" I mumble and she sits on the bed

"I have to go back Gina"

"I have some news" I whisper


"You'll be staying with us"

"But Gina I can-"

"My mom's your legal guardian now she's signing the paper's as we speak"

"What?" Emma mumbled confused

"You're staying here Em"

She suddenly burst into tears and she surprised me when she pulled me into her lap

She wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me a tight hug

"Thank you Gina"


I think I'm done with this book for a while and the votes, comments and such have dropped so much so yeah as from today this book is on hold until further notice.

And anyway I want to focus on The Mindreader so yeah

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