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Song: M.I.L.F

Artist: Fergie

Pic Credit: Insta @fiftyshadesofswan

I always walk behind Regina for one reason only: to stare at her ass

So tight , so juicy, so, so firm, so yummy. I mean just imagine squeezing those firm-

"Miss Swan!" I jump at Regina's voice and she turns to face me

"Yes?" I say nonchalantly and my face flushes

"Wait were you checking out my ass?" she asks me with a smirk on her face and I turn beet red

"Don't be silly" I mutter and she laughs loudly

"You totally were oh my God Swan"  she laughs so much, tears fall down her cheeks    

"It's not my fault you're hot" I mutter and she laughs lightly

"Thank you dear" she smiles and  clears her throat

"What does M.I.L.F mean? Somebody called me that" she asks quietly and I burst into a fit of giggles

"What?" she says with a frown and I whisper into her ear

"It's so true. It means Mother I'd Like to Fuck"                            

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