She's My Vampire (Part 2)

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I saw the fear in the beautiful brunette's eyes and I saddened immediately.

I place my hand on her ice cold one and her eyes meet mine

"I'm not going to hurt you" I whisper again and hesitation fills her eyes

"I'm a vampire" she spits out "You're supposed to kill me"

I frown at her statement

"You can trust me" I mumble

"How do I know that? Your kind killed my family"

I decided to ignore her words an instead I gave her a small smile

"Come with me" I mumble and she snorts

"Excuse me?" She huffs and I can't help but think about how hot she is when she's mad

I pul her up

"Hey get your hands off of me human" I giggle at her tone

She tries to get out of my grip and she huffs when she fails

"Where are we going?"

"Home" I mumble

I can see the fear returning to her eyes and the hestitation shortly follow

"Look vampy I-"

"It's Regina" she growls and I feel my panties wetten

I blush slightly

"Okay Regina I'm not going to hurt you I promise okay?"

She doesn't reply

I gently touch her arm and she sighs, meeting my eyes

"Okay?" I whisper again

"Yeah. Blondie"

I throw my head back in laughter

"It's Emma babe"

I see a small smile form on her face and I grin


I see shock on her face when she sees the outside world

"W-What happened?"

I sighed

"The world fell apart after the vampires were killed. No one knows how to... You know operate the world. We kinda need vampires."

She giggles and a smirk forms on her face

"You need us?"

I groan


She giggles and butterflies fill my stomach

We walk in silence again for awhile



"Am I going to be safe?" She asks shyly

I squeeze her hand

"No one is gonna hurt you I promise. You're my vampire"


Should I write this into a fic?

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