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I hear screaming and I run out of my room straight into Regina's

"No, no please" Regina mutters in her sleep, thrashing around
"Gina wake up" I mutter shaking her but she doesn't move
"Leave her alone" she screams, pain obvious on her features

"I have to wake her up" I mumble to myself

"This might earn me a slap too" I chuckle to myself, eyeing her luscious lips.

I debate to myself for a few seconds before I decide

Fuck it.

I press my lips against hers, soft at first, receiving no movement I press against her harder hoping to wake her up and it works.

Her eyes snap open meeting mine

"Miss Swan!" she exclaims full of surprise

I flinch at the tone of her voice and I sit patiently awaiting her slap.

Instead she crushes me into her chest, wrapping me tightly against her.

"Gina?" I ask uncertainly, hugging her back

She pulls away cupping my cheeks before pressing her lips against mine, hard.

A moan escapes my lips

"You idiot" she mutters, a smile on her lips
"What?" I asked confused
"I waited a long time for you to do that" oh
"Well I might be an idiot miss Mills, but I am your idiot" I grin and she just shakes her head before pecking my lips.

"Lie with me, I want to sleep" she mumbles and I hold her close to me
" Sleep tight Gina" I whisper placing a kiss on her forehead before snuggling closer to her.

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