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Kinda smutty.



I frowned as my screen flashed a story suggestion on tumblr

'Swanqueen smut' it read and I frowned again

What on earth is SwanQueen? And smut?

Shrugging I decided to start reading the damn fic

It was a cold winter's night when Regina opened her and her girlfriend's front door to their apartment.

Sighing she walked in and she took off her jacket, putting down her annoying briefcase with the buttload of work and her stomach grumbled.

Hungry. Of course. She had forgotten her lunch at home and not seeing her blonde girlfriend anywhere, probably asleep in their room she decided to make herself a sandwich and join her girl.

When she entered the kitchen,  heading straight for the fridge she almost jumped out of her skin when she heard her girlfriend's voice

"You're home" Regina turned to face her girlfriend and the sight she saw,  made her mouth water.

Emma was sitting on their dinner table, clad only in red and black lingerie with her legs spread open

Emma bit her lip and gave her girlfriend an innocent smile

"I was waiting for you"  the blonde bit her lip again, smirking at Regina

Regina crashed her lips against her girlfriend's and the blonde moaned into her mouth

Emma bit Regina's lip and the brunette let out a soft hiss of pleasure as the blonde's tongue entered her mouth and began toying with hers

Regina's hands began to wonder over her girlfriend's soft skin, finding her bra clasp, quickly undoing it, she threw the bra somewhere

She could care less about where it landed.

Emma let out a shaky breath as the brunette kissed down her pale neck finding her soft spot, she began sucking on the soft skin before her mouth began to wonder lower

She attached her mouth to Emma's hardened nipple and Emma threw her head back moaning loudly

"Oh Regina"

That's where I stopped reading.

I couldn't believe how turned on I was just reading this

God, do I really like Emma that much?

Of course I do, I bloody love the annoying, cute blonde!

I groaned at the thought of Emma

"Well, at least I have fanfic" I muttered to myself and kept reading the fic


David burst through the door

"Where the hell is Regina?" he asked slamming the door shut behind him causing me to jump

"At work?" I say hesitantly

"She's not answering her phone! I tried calling Henry but he said she's been quiet today and I even asked Granny but she said she didn't see her anywhere and I need her to sign these damn papers!" he muttered, slamming a file down on my table

My brow furrowed in concern immediately.  It's un-Regina-like to not answer her phone and disappear.

I grabbed my jacket and the file from David

"I'll go check at her office"

He sighed with relief

"Thanks sweetie" I just nodded and bolted out the door


When I arrived Regina was staring intensively at her phone

"What the hell Regina!" I exclaim and she jumps looking up in surprise

"Emma? What's wrong?"

"You wanna know what's wrong?  You not answering your calls and being silent the whole day! God I thought something happened"

Her face softened

"Look I'm sorry I-I've been busy today" she sighs

"Busy?" I scoff and she winces

"Yeah. Busy" she turns her attention back to her phone and I grit my teeth

"What's on your phone?"

"My phone?"

"Yes. Since it apparently has your attention" I mutter and she blushes a bit

"Nothing" she stutters and I sigh

"What's his name?"

"His name? Who Miss Swan?" she asks her brow furrowed

"Yes the guy that has your attention. And for once your thoughts are not occupied by work" I mutter

"I beg your pardon?" she scoffs and I sigh

"Look Regina I didn't come to fight so just sign the damn papers before David gets his underwear in a twist then you can go back to the guy"

She snatches the file, scribbling her name before pushing it into my chest

"There. And if you must know... There's no guy" she muttered

I snatched her phone

"Hey! What the hell?" she exclaimed trying to reach for her phone but I pushed her away

"Let's see what you're hiding" I tease as I read the content out loud

" The sight of Regina's head between her legs was enough for the blonde to shake with anticipation

"Baby please don't tease" Emma's voice was above a whisper and it wettend Regina even more

She licked a long stroke over Emma's pussy lips causing the blonde to scream in pleasure, clutching Regina's head in her hands she grinded her wet slit against her girlfriend's tongue"

I was shocked at the content.

"Regina? W-What's this?" I mumble

"Nothing" she mutters, grabbing her phone

"Tell me. Please" I whisper

"It's fanfiction of you and me you being 'Swan' and me 'Queen' you're my girlfriend" she mumbles, blushing slightly

"Fanfiction?" I ask confused

"People want us to date that's why they write fanfiction about us together" she mutters and I just nod

"Why are you reading it then?" I ask and she sighs

"I'm one of those people Emma well I haven't written my own fanfiction yet but yeah" she mumbles and my eyes widen

"You are?" I ask full of surprise


Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a long time but here's a long chap just to say sorry!

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