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Basically a succubus feeds off of Fae of humans during sex... If y'all watch Lost Girl you'd understand

Beautiful. That was the word that doctor Emma Swan thought when she saw Regina Mills.

The brunette woman took a seat in front of the doctor, her back bare and Emma swallowed thickly watching the tanned skin flex as she stood behind her

"Welcome miss Mills" Emma said, her voice slightly husky

"Please. Call me Regina." The brunette whispered

"Right. So Regina what happened?" The blonde asks softly, her fingers trailing over the soft skin of Regina's back, searching for marks

The brunette chuckled darkly

"I was attacked" Emma's eyes widened "but they messed with the wrong girl" the brunette said, smiling darkly

Emma cleared her throat

"I didn't find any marks. Can you tell me where they hurt you?"

"Why don't you come and look in front of me dear?" The brunette purred

Emma swallowed standing in front of the brunette

Regina's eyes went black

"I heal easily" she says, harshly grabbing Emma by the neck

Emma gasps as the brunette's lips collide with her, sucking the life out of her

Regina has never tasted sweeter Fae and moans loudly

Emma starts to lose consciousness as her eyes roll back and her body weakens

Suddenly Regina stops because she can't do it. She can't kill this blonde woman

"Pathetic human" she spits and quickly turns to leave

"Wait" Emma gasps "what was that?"

But Regina Mills is gone

"What was that?" She whispers again

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