Emma's Driving Skills

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"Emma! Slow the fuck down!"

"We're going to be late for dinner with my parents"

"I DON'T CARE! I WOULD LIKE TO ARRIVE IN ONE PIECE!"  the mayor yelled and Emma hit the brakes making her car come to a halt

She stared at Regina who glared back at her and the blonde crossed her arms

"Are you criticizing my driving skills, Madame Mayor?" 

"Yes Miss Swan" Regina glared at her "You're worse than that yellow square! What's his name again?"

"Spongebob" Emma hissed, quite pissed

"Ah yes Spongebob. You drive worse than him"

"Excuse me?"

"What? It's true dear"

"Get. Out. Of. My. Car"



"I'm not walking"

"Well then, apologize!"

"I'm sorry your driving sucks now please continue driving. Like you said we're going to be late"

 Emma stared at her in disbelief before starting the car and continued driving while Regina just sat there with a smug smile on her face

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