Cheap Thrills = Cora Mills

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Artist: Sia

Song: Cheap Thrills

The couple was so mad at Cora who was always blowing up everything and taking their things without their permission

Regina and Emma always found their things in the weirdest places

Like when they found their tv outside beside the pool and Cora glaring at it, commanding it to work


When they found a volcano in their backyard with Cora sleeping beside it because she was cold

To say they were mad was an understatement

Cora currently danced around listening to the magic box thingy Emma called an MP3 player

"This is a strange song" she muttered to herself but she enjoyed the beat

'I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight.... I LOVE CHEAP THRILLS!'

"These words suck" she muttered and decided to change the words

'Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight.... I LOVE CORA MILLS'

"Now that's better" she mumbled and quietly sang along

She yelled "I LOVE CORA MILLS" at the top of her lungs as the music blasted in her ears

"Mother! What the hell are you doing?!"

Cora jumped at Regina's voice

"Listening to music on this magical music box"

Regina raised her eyebrow

"Why were you screaming 'I love Cora Mills'?"

"Because the original words sucked something about 'cheap thrills'" Cora said with an eyeroll

"Seriously mother you're going to ruin Sia now for me too?"

"Sia? But I don't see her? Is it Emma singing?"

"What? No. The artist is Sia"

"See her?"

"No mother SIA as in S I A"

"Oh" Cora shrugged and kept singing her version of Cheap Thrills

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