The Club Girl

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I was bored and tired of crying. I wanted to get drunk and forget what happened. I wanted to, just for the night, forget the image of my husband naked on top of another woman.

I knew, of course, that was impossible because it will always replay in my mind that I'll never be good enough for him.

I wiped my wet eyes and quickly pulled on my spaghetti strap black dress and I pulled out a pair of heels that compliment my legs

I did my make up, got my wallet and left my house.


The club was packed and with sweaty bodies dancing around. I took a seat at the bar and the bartender gave me a friendly smile

"One Margarita please"

He placed my glass in front of me and I smiled softly

I felt a presence next to me and glanced at the person

It was a beautiful blonde girl that looked like the bad girl type

She had green eyes and she wore tight black skinny jeans, a shirt, a leather jacket and black army boots

She caught my eye and smiled

"You're new here"

"I am"

"You look sad"

I sighed

"I am"


"I found my husband cheating on me and then he left with the bitch not bothering looking at me" I look into her green eyes and she gave me a sympathetic smile

"Well my boyfriend fucking cheated on me too cause I wasn't ready for sex and he didn't like that one bit so I kicked him out of my house"

I snorted

"You deserve better than him"

"You do too"

We smiled at each other and the blonde ordered herself a beer

"Will you watch that for me please I quickly need to run to the ladies room"

I nodded and she gave me a grateful smile


Emma's POV

When I returned from the bathroom I saw the brunette surrounded by two guys and she looked extremely uncomfortable

I approached them and the guys' comments made me sick

"Come now baby"

"Just for fun"

I growled as I saw one of them stroking her arm and her stiffening

"Get your hands off of my girl" I hiss and the one guy smirks at me

"Look there's two of them"

"Did you hear what I said?" I growl "Get your hands off of her"

"Why? She's all alone we just wanted to keep her company"

"Leave me and my girlfriend alone" I hiss yanking the guy's arm off of the brunette

They laugh

"Do you honestly think we believe you?" She's straight we can see that"

"She's not"

"Prove it"

I grab her face and I start to kiss her passionately and she moans into my mouth, cupping my face she pulls me closer to her. I've never been kissed like this with so much passion and love.

When we pull away the guys are gone and I instantly look at the ground

"I-I'm sorry I had to-"

"Thank you" she cuts off my sentence

I blush and smile

"I'm Regina" the brunette holds out her hand

I shake it and smile shyly

"I'm Emma"

We talk and laugh for the rest of the night and I can see her eyelids drooping

"Come honey"

I wrap my arm around her and we leave


I take her home with me because I know I wouldn't be able to sleep if she wasn't safe

I lead her to my bedroom and hand her a shirt and sweatpants to sleep in she smiles at me and goes to change

When she comes back she's even more beautiful

Her hair is in a messy bun and her face is free of makeup

She looks even more beautiful.

She gets in bed with me and turns to face me

"Thank you Emma"

I smile "My pleasure"

She lays her head on my chest and asks me

"Is this okay?"

I blush


This is perfect I think to myself and I fall asleep a huge smile on my face


When I woke up the bed was empty and cold and I groaned

I decided to get up and head downstairs to prepare myself breakfast

When I saw the brunette making breakfast my heart fluttered

"Y-You stayed?" I asked surprised making her jump

She turns to me and shyly smiles

"I did. I didn't want to leave without saying thank you and well repaying your kindness" she said gesturing to the stove

My eyes welled up with tears

"I- Should I leave?" She asks in a small voice and I shake my head no

"It's just that everyone leaves my life and you, you stayed" I whisper through a sob

She takes me into her arms and she stares into my eyes

"I'm not going anywhere" she whispers and shyly places a kiss on my lips

"I promise"

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