Saving Her

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Something had been off all day

I hadn't seen Emma around town and it was unlikely of her not to pop in during the day to say hi

I quickly sent a text to Henry and ask him if he has seen his mother

He answers with a no and I sigh

"Where are you Emma?" I mumble


I transported myself to where Emma was and I saw her standing on the edge of the building

I walk to her

"Emma" I breathe a sigh of relief

"Regina?" She asks shocked "What are you doing here?"

"I came to look for you. I know struggling with the darkness you wouldn't want to be alone"

She chuckles

"I am alone. No one trusts me and no one believes in me. Not my parents, not my friends, not my son and not even my boyfriend. I want this pain to end. I want them to be happy again."

"How do you think you'll do that? By jumping off here?"


I get on the edge and take her hand in mine

Her green pools meet mine

"I believe in you. I'd rather die than lose you Emma"

She stares at me and gently climbs down, pulling me down on top of her

"You're worth living for. I don't need them I need you Regina"

"You have me Emma"

"Are you okay with me like this? Dark?"

I smie at her

"I will love you in any and every form. Light or dark"

She starts crying softly

"You mean it?"


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