Juuuicy Wiggle

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Artist: Redfoo

Song: Juicy Wiggle

Regina entered the house to find Emma dancing like a fish

"Ahh get juicy!" The blonde exclaimed not kmowing the brunette was watching her

"Babe?" Regina said clearing her throat

Emma jumped before smiling widely at her wife

She pulled out her earphones before placing a kiss on Regina's lips

"Baby why were you dancing like a fish?"

Emma gasped

"You don't know the juicy wiggle!" She exclaimed in horror

"No dear I don't"

Emma played her the song

"What horror is this?"

"Music duh"

"Well it sucks"


A week later Emma heard loud music coming from their apartment and quietly entered

She saw her wife doing the juicy wiggle and grinned

"I KNEW IT!" She exclaimed causing the brunette to jump

She quickly took a place next to Regina and they both did the juicy wiggle

When Henry entered and he saw his mothers dancing like fish he just shook his head

"Moms" he muttered


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