Telling the parents

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"You nervous?" I ask
"Yes my mom's gonna flip" Emma groaned and I giggled, kissing her cheek.

I sighed wrapping my arms around my girl
"We can like not tell her?" I mumble and she turned around and glared at me
"And have you falling to death off my roof? Hell no." I chuckled
"Babe, relax, I have ninja skills. I'm pretty safe" I grin and she chuckles

She smiles at me, teasingly brushing her lips against mine causing me to groan.
"You indeed have some very talented skills." she mumbles, her breath hitting my lips causing me to whimper.
"Yes, I know, I'm amazing, now kiss me" she laughs before pressing her lips against mine.

I pull away and kiss her hand.

" Shall we go?" I ask and she nods about to walk away when I grab her arm
" Whatever happens I love you. " I whisper and her eyes soften
"I love you too" she whispers

We drove in silence to her parents' house and when we arrived I squeezed Emma's hand.

She knocked on the front door and her mother opened
"Oh hi! Come in, come in." Mary Margaret gestured us in and I followed Emma to the living room.

Mary took a seat next to David and smiled at Emma.

"Well this certainly is a nice surprise" Mary smiled and Emma took a deep breath

"Mom, dad there's something I want to tell you"
" You're not pregnant, are you?" asked David and Emma shook her head no.

She sighed.

"I'm in a relationship with Regina" she mumbled out and the room stilled

"Oh." David mumbled, not knowing what to say
"How long?" Mary asked and Emma glanced at me
"Two years." I slightly smile.
"How did you manage to keep a secret for so long?" David asked and Emma glanced at me again
" Well I-" I cut her off
"I used to sneak into her room at night and leave early in the morning." I mumble and she smiles at me thankfully.

David looks at me

"Do you love my daughter? " he asks and I nod
" More than anything"
" Alright I approve but if you break my girl's heart." he warned
"I won't sir I promise" Emma squealed and hugged David
"Thank you" she whispered with a smile and Mary cleared her throat and looked at me.

"You love her?" she asks and I nod
" What if her sexual standards don't live up to yours?" I blushed
"Mom!" Emma exclaimed
"Well I... I'm happy to teach Emma a few things. " I mumble and Emma slaps my arm
"Gina!" she mumbles, blushing

Mary sighed before smiling.

" I do approve then."

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