She's MY Girlfriend You're Talking About!

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Emma in her usual booth eating a large piece of chocolate cake

"You're going to get fat dear" she heard the mayor say and she looked at her with a glare

"Morning Gina" she greeted her lover

She wanted to kiss her girlfriend but refrained from that since they're not public yet

"Morning Miss Swan" Regina sat down opposite from the blonde

"You didn't say that when I was between your legs last night" Emma shrugged, taking another bite of the cake and watching her girlfriend turn pink

"Miss Swan you really need to stop eating like a piggy!"

"Hmm let me think... NO! Besides have you seen my girlfriend? I mean I get enough exercise thank you very much"

 "Idiot" Regina muttered but a smile bloomed on her face

"I love it when I make you smile" Emma said in a soft voice

"Swan shut up"

Emma just chuckled

Regina might be tough in front of others but Emma brought out her soft, shy side and the annoying blonde made Regina's life so much better. She was so grateful for her beautiful idiot

Just then Snow and Charming walked in and took the booth behind Emma and Regina

Emma laid her hand on Regina's

"I'll be right back just want to say hi"

Regina nodded and watched Emma's fine ass leave

"- she trusts her"

"-I don't care she's evil"

"Mom, dad are you okay?"

They both jumped at Emma's voice

"Morning honey" Snow said in false happiness

Emma crossed her arms

"What's going on?"

"Nothing honey" Snow mumbled and Emma turned to her dad


"It's just that we don't want you to see Regina anymore. Emma she's evil and she will-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Emma yelled, slamming her fist down on the table

"Emma we just want what's be-"

"No I've had enough of this! Regina is good and she's proved that plenty of times! You don't know shit about her! She's amazing and beautiful. She's cute and funny and caring. And I love her! Yes you heard right I love Regina Mills! and the next time I hear you talk shit about my girl it would be your last!"

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