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Once Upon A Chat by darlene_smith
Once Upon A Chatby Darlene Smith
If OUAT characters chatted SwanQueen
I Was Never Truly Yours by parrillas_gang
I Was Never Truly Yoursby parrillas_gang
Regina Mills is an extremely rich woman who lives in a life of luxury. Her only problem is her nagging parents wanting her to get married. In a last minute resort, Regin...
Different Beliefs by swanqueenstories
Different Beliefsby swanqueen
Emma has always been the quiet girl around school. No one knows anything about her. That is, until the popular girl Regina Mills suddenly starts talking to her, trying t...
Ouat instagram Texts by hookedparrilla
Ouat instagram Textsby Vausee
The once upon a time characters got instagram.
Detention by parrillas_gang
Detentionby parrillas_gang
Emma Swan is one of the most misbehaved students in Storybrook high, having been held back 2 years for not even trying. Due to her behaviour, when she returns in Septemb...
Call me Regina { student x teacher} by LanaBexana
Call me Regina { student x teacher}by anika
emma get's a new teacher for French, her favorite subject in school. emma has one friend because she has trust issues. will regina get her to loosen up a bit?
Hatred That Turned Into More. by waytoomanyshipsssss
Hatred That Turned Into More.by The Simple Things
Regina hates Emma Swan. The Newbie in Storybrooke. The one she tried and failed to resist. Emma Is G!P, don't read if you don't like it.
About Last Night (swanqueen) by Swanqueenc
About Last Night (swanqueen)by Swanqueen
Read it:)) it's so good *This is not my work* I got it from *fanfic.net* @juicecupswanqueen *I'll delete if not allowed *
Feelings by littlemix_ouat
Feelingsby Jerrie-is-my-favs
Emma is thinking she has feelings for Regina but regina thinks she is totally gay for the swan. She is scared to love again as everyone she has loved is dead.
SwanQueen OneShots by jamiethetrans
SwanQueen OneShotsby Jamie
The title says it all really! Just some oneshots that will NOT be updated daily nor weekly. These oneshots just comes when I simply come with ideas. I can't promise anyt...
Coming Out by one2manyOTPs
Coming Outby 2manyOTPs
Regina and Emma have been secretly together since she arrived in storybrooke. It's been two almost three years and Emma wants to finally come out the closet. Regina is n...
A Christmasbrooke Tale  by danilynn87
A Christmasbrooke Tale by Danilynn
Based on the classic, A Christmas Carol, Regina is finding it difficult to join Storybrooke on their Christmas spirit. Can one person in town change her mind? Or will sh...
Pixie Dust by SQforever
Pixie Dustby SQforever
Tinkerbell is given another chance to help Regina. Robin has been dead for a while now, and when Regina receives the news from Tink she is not happy about it at first...
The Divorce by swanqueenstories
The Divorceby swanqueen
Emma and Regina both struggle separately with their lives as divorcees. *This is a SwanQueen fanfiction *Somewhat slow burn *You don't need to have watched Once Upon a T...
Hybrid (A SwanQueen Story) by KAGEHADES8
Hybrid (A SwanQueen Story)by senna el-saadoon
Emma Swan has been searching for her son for 10 years. But a call from the private investigator she hired leads her to something that she never expected... SwanQueen Vam...
Now You Know by borglvr
Now You Knowby borglvr
There are many things Snow White didn't know about her step-mother. Emma thinks it's time she did. This story is post curse AU. It takes off where Emma has Regina in jai...
I'm Not A Luthor- It's Swan-Mills by Becawesomitchell
I'm Not A Luthor- It's Swan-Millsby Tori D.
Lena is not Lionel's daughter. She is not a Luthor. Brunette hair, pale skin and green eyes. Perfect combination of Regina and Emma. When Lena got her memory back after...
All You Knead Is Love by noreenmaria
All You Knead Is Loveby Nor ☀️
Emma Swan owns and operates a cozy bakery in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine. Regina Mills, the elegant cold-hearted mayor, comes in every morning for her coffee...
Learning to Love by StrictlySwanQueen
Learning to Loveby StrictlySwanQueen
The Evil Queen never wanted a baby but thats what she got. But what happens when she bonds with the stolen child? Will she raise her as her own? Will she feel for her li...
The Rules of Love by BrendaChenowith
The Rules of Loveby BrendaChenowith
The rules of Love are simple. One night each month, following your twenty-first birthday, between sunset and sunrise when the moon is fullest, the connection to your Sou...