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The Evil Queen's daughter. by ReginaMills108a
The Evil Queen's daughter.by Sarah Pepper
"One day, I'll tell you the story of your daddy. How he gave his life to save us. And how much he loves you." Long before her Evil days, Regina fell in love wi...
Detention by parrillas_gang
Detentionby parrillas_gang
Emma Swan is one of the most misbehaved students in Storybrook high, having been held back 2 years for not even trying. Due to her behaviour, when she returns in Septemb...
SwanQueen by lpswh0re
SwanQueenby Courtney
SwanQueen one shots hope you enjoy! WARNING mature content and foul language!
True direction by swanqueenrp
True directionby Kelsie wise
While in Neverland the groups still goes to find Tinkerbell, & Regina still doesn't want to because Tinkerbell's magic led to someone else (not robin). Regina ran away b...
Once Upon A Chat by darlene_smith
Once Upon A Chatby Darlene Smith
If OUAT characters chatted SwanQueen
Crossing Paths by swanqueenstories
Crossing Pathsby SwanQueen❤️
Right when both Emma and Regina are about to give up on dating, guys and romance, they meet each other. *This is a SwanQueen fanfiction *I don't own the characters they...
Can't Fake Love by swanqueenstories
Can't Fake Loveby SwanQueen❤️
What if both Emma and Regina went to New York with Henry once Peter Pan had enacted his curse? *SwanQueen fanfiction *You have to have watched Once Upon a Time to unders...
The School Play by swanqueenstories
The School Playby SwanQueen❤️
"Did anyone ever tell you you're really pretty?" Emma asked. Regina seemed utterly confused at Emma's words and didn't quite know how to respond. "You don...
A Particular kind of cake by ronniethezombie
A Particular kind of cakeby Ronniethezombie
After an accident involving Henry. Emma and Regina are forced to work together to save him. SwanQueen with the regular humor that comes with these ladies.
Unwritten // SwanQueen Smut Oneshots by toastydude
Unwritten // SwanQueen Smut Onesho...by hex
⚠️Smut one shots ⚠️Kinks If u don't like that stuff then go plz no hate
College Teacher Crush by MyMajestyParrilla
College Teacher Crushby Lana Parrilla
Emma swan is a 18 year old girl who was born with a males part , when she starts at her new school things start to get out of hand when she start to fall for her new pro...
A New Beginning  by LeeHaa1978
A New Beginning by
Emma Swan is new in town and the towns new sheriff. In a diner her first day there she meets a beautiful brunette and her son. Will Emma find everything she's ever wante...
Mute Girl by one2manyOTPs
Mute Girlby 2manyOTPs
Emma Swan is sent to camp for a school year. They teach you and you learn stuff. Regina Mills goes every year and now she meets Emma. G!p
Pixie Dust by SQforever
Pixie Dustby SQforever
Tinkerbell is given another chance to help Regina. Robin has been dead for a while now, and when Regina receives the news from Tink she is not happy about it at first...
Different Beliefs by swanqueenstories
Different Beliefsby SwanQueen❤️
Emma has always been the quiet girl around school. No one knows anything about her. That is, until the popular girl Regina Mills suddenly starts talking to her, trying t...
Look How Far We've Come by reginamillsyeah
Look How Far We've Comeby Kaila :)
Swan Queen AU. The curse breaks and this is what happens to Emma and Regina after. PS this story is my baby and my first SQ story...please nice to it!
Her dumb partner by parrillas_gang
Her dumb partnerby parrillas_gang
Regina and Emma are both detectives that work at the same station. They get stuck working together in a case. The girls do not get along at all. They hate each other. Be...
Ouat Squad Texting by fanciest_em
Ouat Squad Textingby fanciest_em
And Storybrook gang is texting again! When wouldn't they? There's maybe more crisis than anywhere else, villains are coming and going, but hey, there's always time to ch...
Las bizarras aventuras de Emma "sin-filtro" Swan y Regina Mills - #SwanQueen by V_Swing
Las bizarras aventuras de Emma "si...by V_Swing
CONTINUACIÓN DEL FANFIC "EL PODER DE LA DAGA" Emma-sin-filtro-Swan está de regreso junto a su esposa Regina Mills. Justo, o casi justo, donde se quedaron. Una...
Dark Dark Night by lanasparilla
Dark Dark Nightby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Emma Swan is like any other Girl-except that She's a vampire. Her family moves to Storybrooke but at the Moment the Blonde sees her English Teacher Regina Mills, She can...