Guardian Angel

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Every single night I flew into the same room I've been assigned for for years

The blonde was sleeping the first time in weeks she actually looked peaceful

I sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at her as she slept

She was beautiful I could give her that

She had blonde hair and green eyes, truly a beaut

Suddenly she sat up witn a start and her eyes landed on mine

I muffled her scream with my hand and she looked at me with wide eyes

When I was sure she wouldn't scream I gently took my hand away

"Who are you?"

"I'm your guardian angel Emma Swan"

"Emma just Emma"

"Okay Emma I'm your guardian angel"

"They don't exist" she mumbled

The angels were given a strict order not to get attached to their humans because once their happy endings come along they forget about you

But I did get attached to my human

I pulled her into a hug and she let out a surprised gasp

"I know I haven't been here when you needed me but I was only assigned to you three years back when you moved here but I took care of what hurt you" I said the last part with venom in my voice

She was hurt so many times and although I'm a light and pure angel I murdered each snd every one who laid a hand in her

I couldn't just stand back and let them hurt my human

She looked up at me in surprise

"You killed them?"

I nodded and she hugged me tighter

"Thank you"

I gave a slight nod and pull her closer against me

"You're warm" she mutters

She pulls away and her hand rests on one of my wings

"Can I touch it?"

I nod slightly and feel her hand caress my wing

"What's your name guardian angel?"


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