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The day went fast. We went to Leigh's and later to our performing stage, and rehearsed. Harry went to do his job.

After all, tomorrow it was going to be our very last parformance.

We had every single thing ready.

It was our last performance, and our last hope to show the world our girl power.

Also, it was the last day I was actually going to be with Harry.

He was going to leave Friday in the morning.

And he was not going to be back untill next year on July or so.

He actually exhagerated. He said almost a year and it's just six months. Thankfully.

Since Harry was still at his job with the boys, I decided to think of the kitty's name.



That's cute! Because Poopey and Peepee you know!

...They will think I am insane.


Pearl? Because it's white and shiny as a pearl!

That's cute!

I need to tell Harry about my wonderful idea.

I picked up my phone to check if I had any missed calls.

I didn't, so I went ahead to just call Harry.

I dialled his number and just waited.

I can't believe I am actually calling him just to tell him about my idea.

Maybe I'm interrupting?

I immediately hung up. Why do I have to be so hard on myself? It's so hard to make precise decisions sometimes.

I missed Harry. That's the thing. It was our last day together, actually, since tomorrow I am going to spend my whole day rehearsing and performing.

I should call him to ask when he is coming.

But I might sound so obsessed...

-"Hello?", Harry said through the phone.

-"Oh!", I said. I didn' even realize I had dialled his number. Damn it.

-"Jade is everything alright?", he asked.

-"Yes! Yes!", I said, loudly.

I could feel his grin.

-"Why are you calling babygirl?", he asked.

-"Ah because... Err..... I... Okay. I called you because I kind of missed you, a bit", I admitted.

I heard him giggle.

-"I miss you Jade, too", he said.

-"When are you coming back?", I asked him.

-"We just need to print out and prepare some stuff and I'll be home soon", he said.

I love the way he says 'home'.

-"Alright", I said.

-"I have to go now, bye baby", he said.

-"Bye Harry, I love you", I said.

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