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-"Hello mum", I said.

-"Hi Jade, oh! Hi girls!", she widely smiled.

-"Hello Mrs. Thirlwall!", they both smiled back.

-"Mum, can they stay for tonight?", I asked.

-"What day is it tomorrow?", she asked.

-"Saturday", I said

-"Hmm.... Okay, have fun but don't be so loud, I would love to sleep tonight", she winked. We ran upstairs.


-"Oh my God Perrie.", Jesy said.

-"I know! It's weird", she admitted.

-"It's impossible! How can you have a crush on Zayn Malik?!", I said. Zayn is a guy from Art class. He's an amazing artist, and we all have to admit he is really handsome [A/N: Yes! I added some of the boys in the story because I'm really cool and I love them tadaaaa!!!!!].

-''He's really hot... But I'm a year younger than him, you know, I'm one class advanced because supposedly I'm really smart", Perrie blushed. She IS really interesting and fun.

-"No, he was also advanced, but I don't know why. Aaaand, okay. Let's all admit he IS sexy", Jesy giggled. We all agreed.

-"Who do you have a crush on, Jesy?", I asked.

-"Well... I... Have a crush on Zayn too, duh", she declaired.

-"Hah! He's mine!", Perrie joked. We laughed.

-"How about you Jade?", Jesy asked.

-"No... I can't tell you!", I said, covering my eyes with my hands.

-"Come on! We all told you!", Perrie laughed, throwing me a pillow on my head (softly of course).

-"Okay! Fine! ...Well I have a crush on... Harry Styles", I said [A/N: okay I ship Jarry I would love them together].

-"He's one year younger than you!", Jesy laughed

-"Shut up, you have a crush on someone that is two years younger than you soooo!!!!!", I said sticking my tongue out.

-"Oh, yes. Right.", she blushed.

-"I used to like him too when I first arrived to school. I saw him leaning on the lockers. He is so tall, I thought he was in our same classroom", Perrie said.

-"He's gorgeous", I said.

-"Ask him out!", they cheered.

-"No way!", I said.

-"Why not? You're so gorgeous come on.", Jesy said.

-"I'm a geek can't you see?", I said.

-"We don't know if he likes you or not", Perrie said.

-"Of course he doesn't like me, come on. I'm the most popular nerd!", I said.

-"Okay we are making this conversation really awkward. Let's talk about another subject", Jesy said.

-"Hmm..... Who's your teacher crush Jade?", Perrie asked

-"The Spanish teacher Mr. Torres, he is definitely my crush", I giggled.

-"Really?", Jesy said smiling, in disgust.

-"Who's your teacher crush then?", I said.

-''The new guy from the kiosko. What's his name again? Umm... Oh yes, Kevin. '', Jesy said.

-"He's not a teacher, and we all kno you like him because you flirt around with him everyday", I said.

-"I know... That's the main reason why people bully me, for flirting with him. Ugh, he's just so handsome!", she said.

-"You're lucky, they bully me because of my existence", I rolled my eyes.

-"Anyway, who's your teacher crush Perrie?", I asked.

-"I don't know... I just think it's not appropriate", she said.

-"Don't be borring! You were the one who started this conversation right?", I said.

-"Okay... Umm... I kind of have a small, tiny, little crush on our Science teacher Mr. Tyler.", she said.

-"Aaaaah he's really cute!", we all laughed.

We chatted about that kind of stuff for the whole night and my mum had to come up to shut us up about fourteen times.

It was a fun night, we stayed asleep untill 12:57pm.

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