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*A while later*

~The X Factor: Bootcamp~

-"Harry, please let me go with you?", I begged.

-"No, or else I'll probably get so nervous", he said.

-"But I'll be there to cheer for you!", I said.

-"Jade if I get through, I'll call you. If I don't, I'll call you", he said.

-"Uuuuurrrmmmmffff Harry let me go with yoooou", I said.

Poopey was rubbing his baby penis on a pillow.

-"No, who's going to stay with Poopey? What if he takes the virginity of ALL the pillows of our house?", Harry laughed.

-"Ew... Aaaaay...... Fine, I'll stay.", I said.

-"Okay! I'm going to be late, bye!", Harry said.

-"Bye, good luck, call meee!", I said.

-"I will!", he said.

And I was standing on the doorstep, alone.

-"Poopey!", I said.

He frowned and jumped off the sofa.

-"Ay Poopey", I said.

I went out of the apartment holding Poopey with a leash.

-"Come on baby", I said.

I tied him up to the leash and took him outside.

Once we were in the park, Poopey started barking at another Golden Retriever.

-"I'm sorry, I still have to teach my dog how to not-bark", I told theu guy holding the leash of his dog.

-"It's okay... Um, have I seen you before?", he said.

-"Eh...?", I said.

-"On TV, The X Factor right?", he snapped.

-"Oh..", I said, blushing.


-"You were great, but you didn't get through right?", he said.

I nodded.

-"Hm... I'm sorry", he said.

-"It's okay, my boyfriend is still competing though", he said.

-"Mmm, you have a boyfriend", he said.

-"Y-Yes", I said.

-"Well, someone with a face and body like that has a boyfriend of course.", he said.

-"Oh.. Uhm, yeah", I just said.

-"I think I have to go", I said, making that sound more like a question.

-"Okay, will I see you again?", he said.

-"Uh... I don't know", I said, taking Poopey.

Ugh, I feel uncomfortable.

*Mean while back at Jade's hometown*

{Jesy's POV}

I'm so bored.

And mad.

I can't get out of my head the thought that Jade just left us behind without telling us!

I really want to call Leigh, or Perrie.

But lately, we've been drifting apart.

Perrie and Leigh-Anne fought because of relationship problems (they say Dylan was cheating on Leigh with Perrie. That's not true though).

Perrie and Leigh-Anne forgot about me.

I'm still up with my relationship.

So it's been boring.

I can't believe Jade did this to me!

Ugh. I turned the TV on.

-"... Harry?", I said.

He was on TV! On the X Factor!

What was he doing there?

I wonder if Jade and Harry are still together by the way...

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