♥Hello! This chapter will be really girly. About shopping, basically :) ily alllllllll!!!!!♥

We went to buy some clothes for prom (I know, it's not appropriate at all for us, geeks, to go there but it's an only-once event so we don't want to skip it... And the prom will be in two weeks)

-"This looks amazing on you", I said, scanning at Perrie wearing a short, pink dress with black dots and a small butterfly on the left part of the chest and a pair of glowing, pink high-hills.

-"Shoud I buy these?", she asked.

-"Definitely. The prize is reasonable too", Jesy said, satisfied.

-"Okay, I'm buying these", she said.

She bought the dress and we went to Top Shop.

-"Oh my God", I said, looking at a beautiful, short, white dress with a blue, sparkly ribbon around the waist. It was perfect, simple and the ribbon captured my attention (I love ribbons)

-"I'm totally going to buy this", I said, nodding my head in satisfaction. The prize was perfect too.

-"Oh my! Look at these, they perfectly fit on that dress", Jesy said, bringing up some blue, sparkly high-hills.

I inmediately bought them (I tried them first, of course) and Jesy also chose from Top Shop.

A tight dress with a rocky design with soft, cream colours (pink, light blue, light green) that made her 'volumes' be more 'volumed'. Then she paired her dress with rocky designed shoes.

We went to Accesorize. Perrie got a headpiece/hairband/cintillo [A/N: whatevs you call it in your country] with a shiny, little flower on it and a purple ring with little charms hanging on it. She also got long, cute earrings.

Jesy got a blue, shiny ring with a tiny skull on it which matched with her skull earrings and a cute bracelet made out of little colourful balls.

I got a blue bow for my head (similar to the one on my dress) and blue earrings with the shape of a heart.

We bought all of that and went to a famous café at the corner of the street.

-"That was fun", Perrie said.

-"Yes, I can't imagine how great we will look at prom", I said.

-"No one will look better than US! Jade, Perrie and Jesy!", Jesy laughed. We all laughed.

-"Hello, may I get your order?", the waitress said.

-"Yes... Um... Sorry, do I know you?", I said.

-"You are Jade, right?", she (the waitress) said.

-"Yes, you're in my Spanish class aren't you?", I said.

-"Oh, yes. I'm Leigh-Anne Pinnock. I'm new at school, no one really knows me, I bet you have seen me, but of course, you didn't really know about my existence", she laughed.

-"Well, please take a sit", Jesy said, showing the empty sit.

-"Thank you", she said, smiling.

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