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[Stuart's POV]

It's so weird.

Is she cheating on Harry or something?

Who the hell is that guy?

I mean, okay. I've seen Jade looking at Harry with such love, it would be unbelievable if she actually cheated on him.

So weird. Too weird.

I decided to get in the apartment.

I pushed on the door handle and realized it was locked.

-"Jade?", I said, knocking on the door.

No response.

-"Hey, are you alright?", I said, pounding on the door now.

[Jade's POV]

My heart shrunk when I found Joe infront of me, on his knees, caressing my hair.

-"Hey, are you alright?", I heard Stuart saying from outside.

What the hell has happened?

-"Hi Jade. Harry's gone", Joe said.

-"I know", I gulped.

-"So this gives me the oportunity to do what I want to do", he said. What a freak.

-"What the fuck do you want from me bitch", I said, sternly.

-"Oh, don't be rude babe. You don't want to get the same punishment as my dear step-sister", he said, tugging my hair behind my ear.

Oh no, Tasha.

Why have I grown so much care for her lately? Well, it doesn't matter right now.

-"What did you to her?!", I said, sitting up.

-"Pleasure", he said. That's all he said, and it was enough for me to realize everything.

-"No", I said.

-"Yes, but don't worry. It was not the first time", he said. A grin growing on his face.

-"Why do you do this to us", I said.

-"You were not so sweet when I saw you at the park that day. Thr first day we actually talked to eachother. Baby, I would spy on that window everyday when you changed. My favourite part was when you took yiur shirt off and it carried away your bra too..", he started saying.

-"Enough! You're sick! You're mental!", I cried.

All of that was intimate. I never knew he was watching. It's horrifying.

I kicked him off and ran towards the door to open it and run. Maybe go to Stuart's or something. Well, no. I would not like to have him included into this mess.

-"You're not going anywhere!", Joe groaned, crawling up to me and grabbing my leg, which made me stumble and fall on my knees. Thankfully, I got to unlock the door.

-"Stuart! Help me please!", I screamed and cried.

[Stuart's POV]

I heard her screaming. what the hell?!

I'm so stupid! Why did I even let that guy inside?

-"Jade! Open the door! It's lo-" and as a pushed the handle, the door creaked open.

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