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♥Chapter 60! Wooooooooo!!!

Thank you (some of you) for reading my last two chapter-thangs.

Hope you have a lovely day! Read and be a book worm :)

Gooo baaaaaaa


-"I have to go girls", Chloe said.

-"Okay", I immediately said.

-"My boyfriend, Sam, is waiting outside. He says he has a surprise for me in the car so I need to hurry", she said.

All those fucking unnecessary details she told us made me want to strangle her even more.

-"I'll see you soon Chloe", Maya said.

-"Okay, bye byee!", Chloe said.

-"Bye", I said.

Once she left, swaying her ass from side to side, I sighed and turned around.

-"I'm sorry for her behaviour. Since she's the youngest, my parents bought everything she wanted so she grew up to be spoilled and conceited", she said.

-"That's alright. It didn't bother me much", I assured her.

-"Okay", she said.

I picked up the phone when I heard my ringtone.

-"Hello?", I said.

-"Hi Pickle!", I heard Jesy say.

-"Heeeey", I said.

-"Where are you? I'm at the mall right now, if you want you could come and we could hang out you know", Jesy suggested.

-"I'm at the mall with Maya Ray and her babe, we could meet up somewhere if you want to", I said.

After a few seconds of silence, Jesy replied.

-"Um... Sure!", she said.

-"Okay, I'll meet you infront of the fountains", I said.

-"Is it okay if we meet up with Jesy infront of the fountain?", I asked Maya.

-"Of course it's okay! I'd love to see how gorgeous she is right now", Maya said.

We started walking and I heard Maya struggling and groaning as she switched Mitzy from arm to arm.

-"Would you like me to carry her?", I asked.

-"It qould be lovely, only for a while. My arms are killing me", she said.

-"Okay. Come here little squirrel", I said in my baby voice.

I gently grabbed the baby and took her into my arms.

She felt so weightless and sweet.

Her little left arm held my arm and shoulder and her right hand played with my hair.

-"Oh... I can live now", Maya sighed, loosening her arms to her sides.

-"There, I see her", I said, pointing at Jesy.

I saw her eyes lighten up as she raised a hand to say hello to us.

-"Oh my, is that the Jesy Nelson from high school?", Maya said, taking Jesy off guard as she pulled her into a hug.

-"Hello Maya, long time no see", Jesy said.

She looked a bit uncomfortable, but I knew Jesy would like her.

-"You've lost weight, and your hair and everything look fantastic", Maya said, looking up and down at Jesy.

-"Thank you, you look gorgeous yourself", Jesy said.

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