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{Jesy's POV}

~The next day~

I can't believe this! Jade cannot just go and change like that after having lunch ONLY once with Tasha Hanks!

There should be a quote that says "If you want to change, go have lunch with Tasha Hanks".

I don't get it. I simply don't. How can Jade be so stupid? She's just another one of the 725,382,903,916,283 Tasha victims.

Wait a second...

Tasha Hanks always wins.

Whenever she says "I always win", she always wins.

*Flashback: a couple of months ago*

-"Hey Nelson, I still haven't forgiven you for what you did", Tasha said.

-"I'm sorry Tasha, I swear it wasn't on purpose", I begged.

-"Throwing a bag of warms that eat leather on my car wasn't on purpose?! My car seats are all eaten up!", she said. Everyone was staring at me.

-"I'm sorry! I was just taking the bag to my car for the science pro-"

-"Shut the fuck up Jessica Nelson!", she snapped.

-"I'm so sorry, I'll pay it for you okay?", I said.

-"No, no. I'm going to have a revenge, simple as that. Because I always win", she said. Then she left.

The next day, she burnt my car up (including my front garden). She always wins.

Thankfully nothing exploded harshly.

Sassy, sick, insane, disabled bitch.

*Flashback over*

-"Girls", I said.

-"Yes?", they replied.

-"Jade is in danger", I said.

-"What do you mean?", Leigh asked.

-"Tasha Hanks always wins", I said.

-"You know what? I'm not in. Let Jade learn a lesson. Maybe you could go help her, but she's already old enough to take care of herself. Just saying.", Leigh-Anne said.

-"I'm not in either. I'm going with Leigh", Perrie said.

-"She's our friend", I said.

-"I don't think so", Leigh said, pointing at Jade who was walking through the hallways with Tasha, Daphnee and Heather.

It was a completely new Jade; extremely short skirt, tight tank-top that let her belly-bottom out (those sexy tank-tops strippers use. I mean, that Tasha uses), some high-heels that made her legs look long and a ponytail. Did I mention her heavy makeup?

-"Leigh, let's go?", Perrie suggested.

-"Please", Leigh said, walking with Perrie through the corridors leaving me alone.

-"Jade!", I yelled.

-"Oh, hey", Jade said with a sassy smile I never expected to see on her face.

-"The fuck is wrong with you?", I squealed.

-"What do you mean Jessica?", she asked.

-"Jessica?", I asked. She always called me Jesy.

-"Yeah, that's your real name isn't it? I like it", Jade said, patting my shoulder and leaving me mouth-opened. I was so shocked.


After having lunch alone (Leigh and Perrie were sitting at another table) I decided to talk to Jade.

-"Jade", I said.

-"Call me Amelia", Jade smiled her sassy smile again. Ugh.

-"Amelia? But that's your second name", I said, shaking my head in confusement.

-"But I like it", she said.

-"Anyway. Jade, I mean, Amelia (I'm rolling my eyes right now) you must watch out okay? Tasha always wins, remember? Leave them, come back with us Jade, bah, Amelia (eye-rolling again). Please", I begged.

-"Jesy, I know you're jelous. By the way, I think your hair would look perfect with green", Jade/Amelia said. Jelous?! Green?!

-"What the hell?!", I frowned.

-"Oh, gotta go. Chao, muah-muah!", she said. Uh, I'm shocked.

I guess I'll have to go back with Leigh and Perrie, apologize and forget about Jade. I mean, Amelia.

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