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Lunch at the hotdog restaurant was great. Now we were going back to our houses, separately.

-"I missed you while I was in Greece", I told Harry, who was driving back home.

-"I missed you more", he said, smiling at me and holding my hand.

-"How's our baby?", I asked him.

-"Our baby's big now, I bet he's going to jump on you when you get home", he said.

-"He grows up fast huh?", I said, smiling. He nodded.


-"Hello Poop-", I said.

-"What?", he asked.

-"Harry look", I said, pushing the door open.

All we saw was a complete mess on the floor.

-"What the hell?", he said, coming in the house.

-"Oh my God, Harry they robbed us", I said.

-"No Jade...", he said, staring at the main room.

I walked onto there and saw the white bed sheets with deep purple letters printed on it. Probably Harry washed them before I came, and probably the deep purple colour was a creation of my favourite lipstick.

It said: MISSED ME?

-"Tasha Hanks...?", I doubted.

-"I guess", he said.

-"Where's Poopey", I asked.

-"I think she has him", Harry said.

-"You mean Tasha?"

-"Yes", he answered.

-"I'm not letting her ruin my life again", I insisted.

-"I know, and I will protect you", he said, grabbing my hand.

We heard the doorbell.

-"Hi, I found your dog here", she said. A person I never thought I would see in this moment.

-"Give it!", I screamed, taking Poopey away from those hands.

-"Aren't you happy to see me? Your bestie? Tasha Hanks?", she smiled with fox eyes.

-"Get away from me Tasha", I insisted.

-"Hi Harry!", she happily waved over my shoulder, coming in my house and giving Harry a hug.

-"No", Harry said, roughly pushing her off.

-"Whoa, what's up with all the mess?", she asked.

-"You made it bitch", I whispered.

-"Me?", she asked in a pitched tone.

-"Yes. How did you know we lived here?", I asked.

-"My brother told me, I came to visit since I really missed my Amelia Thirlwall", she said, caressing my hair while I slapped her hand away.

-"Who's your brother?", Harry asked, desperately.

-"He's called Joe, he's my step brother... I love him more than you think", she said.

Is that a sibling romance?


-"Joe, come in!", she said.

-"Missed me?", Joe said, creeping into the room. It was THAT Joe!



Do you think Tasha changed?


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