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{Perrie's POV}

I miss Jesy. I miss Jade. And I actually miss Leigh-Anne!

Jesy just teared apart from us since she didn't want to get in this trouble. While Leigh left a bruise on my cheek.

Ow, it hurts *sigh*.

I even lost my beautiful boyfriend Zayn. That miserable rumour about me cheating on Leigh with Dylan is just fake! I'm sure the one responsible for this was Tasha Hanks. She's back. I know it.

{Back to Jade's POV}

-"Harry Harry Harry! How did it go?!", I said.

-"Jade...", he said. Is he crying?

-"Oh my God, I'm sorry", I said.

-"Jade, I'm through!", he said.

-"What?! Oh my Goooood!!!!!!!", I said. I was actually jumping around and Poopey was staring at me like WTF.

-"Well, I didn't get through at first, then they called me up to stage with four more guys and apparently one of them was Zayn! And-and-and we're a group now!", he said.

-"I'm so happy holly cow!", I said.

-"Jade I wouldn't have done this without you... And besides, I think the orange beanie you bought for me gives good luck", he said.

-"Why?", I shrugged.

-"Well, I took it off for stage and they didn't get me through. Then I put it on and they called me up. That's crazy isn't it?", he said.

-"That's incredible", I said.

-"Yeah well... I would like to introduce you to my new band partners", he said.

-"Uh, okay! Where?", I said.

-"We were thinking on going to Nando's", he said.

-"Okay, see you there!", I said.

I put my tight jeans and a hoody. I tied my upper hair up in a ribbon and put a little makeup on.

-"Poopey you stay here, no loving with pillows or pooping on carpet!", I said, putting my UGG boots on.

I took a taxi to Nando's and saw Harry's car.

-"Jade!", he called from a table.

-"Hey", I said.

-"Hello, I'm Niall", a blonde guy said.

-"Hi, I'm Liam", a brunette said.

-"Heey", Zayn said giving me a hug.

-"Hii", I said, hugging back.

-"And I'm sexy", another guy with messy hair said.

-"Hi sexy?", I smirked.

-"Haha, I'm Louis", he said.

-"Hey Louis", I said.

I took a sit beside Harry. We ordered and we started chatting.

-"How long have you been together?", Niall said.

-"Um... About two months? Three?", I said.

-"Only three months and you decide to live together?!", Niall said, surprised.

-"Well, at least I have a girlfriend hah", Harry said.

-"I also do!", he said.

-"Who?", Harry asked.

-"My mum", he joked. We all laughed.

-"Are you all single?", I askes the rest.

-"I'm not, I'm having the best relationship with Danielle", he said, showing me his screen background.

A beautiful brunette.

-"Wow, she's incredibly pretty", I said.

-"I know, I'm lucky", he said.

-"Look at my girlfriend, Eleanor", Louis said, showing me anoter brunette but a picture of her not the background.

-"Why are you all dating models?", I said.

-"You're flawless too", Harry said. They all agreed.

-"Zayn, how's your relationship going? How did you get here to Holmes Chapel?", I said.

He looked down.

-"I got here for The X Factor, and apparently... Perrie and I are no longer together, she cheated on me with that Dylan guy", he said.

What?! Perrie can't cheat on Zayn!

-"Zayn, do you still have her number?", I asked.

-"...No", he said.

Oh maaaaan?

-"What did Leigh do to Perrie?", I asked.

-"She might have left a huge bruise on Perrie's cheek..?", Zayn said.

-"Oh my God Leigh-Anne...", I said. I took a glance at Zayn.

He was looking at his phone. I looked at the screen and he wa looking at a picture of them together.

-"Zayn you miss her don't you?", I said.

-"Yeah", he slightly sobbed.

Then the food came.

Yum yum yum yum~

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