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-"It's so silent", I whispered.

It felt like as if making one tiny loud noise was a crime.

It was a beautiful silence. A relaxing one, as if people were actually taking long walks along with the sunshines.

Of course, people you couldn't actually see if you were alive, if that makes sense.

-"Someone is visiting Sara as well", Perrie whispered, pointing at where Sara was.

It was a woman. She looked very skinny and pale, almost sick.

-"It's Sara's mother", Jesy said.

We walked up to where she was.

It was Sara's mum. She was standing unbelievably still, the only thing moving was her chest rising up and down.

Her eyes were closed, hiding her grey-hazel eyes Sara had inherited.

-"Mrs. Astell", Leigh said, gently placing her hand on the woman's shoudler.

She turned around, revealing a pale, skinny face.

-"Girls, I had been missing you", she said, smiling with her sleepy eyes.

-"Same with us", I said.

-"We came to visit Sara", Jesy said.

-"I see, I see", she said.

-"Do you come a lot, Mrs. Astell?", I asked.

-"Everyday. I come to see my daughter, and I can actually feel her presence", she whispered.

I smiled and grabbed both of her hands.

-"How is she doing?", Perrie asked.

-"Well... I am relieved. I can feel she is resting in peace now", she said.

Perrie smiled and gave her a hug, making the woman start to softly cry.

It made us all feel our chests shrinking and hearts breaking.

-"We're so sorry", I said.

We joined the hug, and somehow, we felt like welcoming, warm arms were wrapped around us all.

-"I can feel Sara", the woman softly said.

We slowly widened the space between us. She was right. I knew we could all feel Sara.

-"I need a moment", I told them.

Sara's mum looked up at me with a questioning stare.

-"I would like to talk to her for a second", I said. She nodded and gave her daughter a last look before she walked away along with the girls.

When Sara and I were alone, I kneeled down and placed my hand on the stone, precious words printed on it.

-"Hi Sara", I breathed.

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