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{Jade's POV}

-"I'm sorry for ruining your night", I told Jesy and Mike.

-"It's perfectly fine Jade. We are glad you're okay", Mike said.

-"Thank you so much", I said.

-"Jade, don't you worry okay? You were the one who couldn't enjoy your prom night", Jesy said.


-"Okay Jade, we're here", Mike said.

-"Okay. Thank you guys, SO much for everything. Bye Mike, love ya Jesy", I said.

I entered my house and saw my mum, excited.

I also saw my-

-"Dad?", I said.

-"Hello sweetheart", he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and kissing my head.

-"He came from work because of your prom day", mum said, smiling between tears.

-"Dad I missed you so much", I said, hugging him. My parents divorced when I was young, and my dad's been busy 24 hours a day. He nearly even has time to take a shower.

Since he lives away from us, plus, he never gets to see me.

-"Me too Jade", he said.

-"Mum, dad", I said. They looked at me with worried faces.

-"What honey?", mum said.

-"I... Didn't get my prom picture with Harry", I said.

-"Why not?", dad asked.

-"Because... I wasn't there", I said.

My parents frowned.

-"Where were you then?", mum asked.

-"Locked in the laundry room", I said, making that sound more like a question.

-"What where you doing there in your prom night? With who?", they asked. Anger, surprisement and sadness in their voices.

-"I was alone. And...", I shook my head and ran upstairs, locking myself in the bathroom.

You know what I was going to do in there.

I took the razorblade out and started cutting.

-"Jade come out here, what are you doing?", dad asked.

-"Jade, no! Please, let's talk. Don't a do that", my mum plead.

-"Jade, come on! You're not going to get anywhere if you keep on cutting", mum said.

That's true.

I came out of the bathroom covering my cuts.

-"I'm going to sleep", I said.

-"Dad's going to leave in a couple of minutes, Jade", mum said.

-"Dad, why?", I said.

-"I have to Jade", he said.

-"No dad, stay", I said.

-"Sorry Jade", he said.

I wrapped my arms around him. He did the same, and after a while, he checked his watch.

-"I have to go now", he said.


-"No Jade. Bye, I love you", he said.

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